ScudItalia meet review and pictures, May 2011, Clivedon.

Its taken a while longer than I would have liked to get the photos up from the day, and my thoughts, but that’s the way it goes most of the time, too much to do, not enough time to do it.

Anyway, what is ScudItalia some of you may ask?  ScudItalia in simple terms is a website forum and small private club of mostly Italian Supercar owners and enthusiasts.  The club tries to be inclusive, not exclusive and therefore welcome owners of other non-Italian supercars who share the same passion and interests.

The club meets on a regular basis for drives, meets, and a range of other activities.  These activities are organized out of the public eye on the private ScudItalia forum . This event was the yearly meet at Clivedon House, Taplow, Berkshire.  This was the fourth year this event took place. 

As a group they also participate in, and support other events such as the Dunsfold Dad’s Day Out Charity Event and Super Cars at Wilton House.   As a group the emphasis within ScudItalia is on the people as much as the cars.  All members are enthusiasts, but ultimately it’s a group of friends that enjoy each other’s company as well as the cars.  As a result, membership is only open to those who have attended one of our events or by referral.  Annual dues are £20 and this is used only to offset the running costs of the forum and events.  They do not accept sponsorships and therefore are able to operate fully independently.

Anyway the 2011 event was much busier than I remember the 2010 being, at least 100% more attendees in my opinion.  Still a good day out though.  A few select pictures from the day…

If you are interested in joining ScudItalia, feel free to register on the forum and then email Scott at your user name.  If you would just like more information, please email Scott at the same address as above.

If you attended the day, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the day.  Leave a comment, or get in touch with me by email.

More pictures from the day can be seen here.


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