Ring Automotive has Christmas wrapped up – your perfect guide

Let’s face it – cars are incredible – all of them in their own unique way. And to many owners, their cars are their happy place, the comfort and joy!

It is no wonder that car enthusiasts spend more on their cars than pretty much anything else. With so much to think about to make the journey more pleasant, whether it be upgrades, tyres, funky seats…the list goes on. There are a plethora of safety products, necessary items like child seats, but scratch the surface and car enthusiasts are focussing their spend on a huge range of products to upgrade the driving experience.

We put our heads together and decided that with Christmas now a stones throw away, it’d be a great idea to test and put together a Christmas buying guide for those buying for a car enthusiast this Christmas. Here you go…

  • Ring Automotive RTC450 Digital Tyre Inflator

An absolute life saver, Ring Automotive say a tyre can be inflated from flat in under 4 minutes, and boy are they on point. The simple bit of kit is an absolute must have, and should be top of the list as the best product nobody realises they actually NEED!

Coincidentally October is National Tyre Safety Month – and it’s apt that with this device in your boot, you will be prepared for anything.

We found this kit is suitable for tyre inflations at any time of day or season. Due to its LED light, a night time inflation was no problem, and the speedy work really is a dream. We give this a 9/10. We looked around on the Internet and this product is available in various places, including Amazon for under £30.

  • RPPL260 jump starter

What a neat bit of kit. Seriously – this is impressive. Up until now I had some jump leads which never behaved, and were a complete space invader. However, these are compact, small enough to fit in your glove box (seriously impressive), and can also help to recharge electronic gadgets (even more impressive).

This fast-charging device comes with in-built PD30W charging technology, the unit has the ability to recharge quickly, charge mobile devices quickly and jumpstart quickly. Ideal given the sticky situations most people find themselves in when faced with a non-starter.

Ring’s RPPL260, features PD30W, a 30W power delivery method allowing devices to take on large amounts of power in a shorter timeframe. With a 9,000mAH battery capacity, it provides that extra reassurance to drivers that they can quickly restart their vehicles in the event of a dead battery, without the need for another vehicle and booster cables. 

Whilst not cheap cheap, the price point with these is extremely competitive, and you’ll struggle to find a better product that offers drivers complete confidence when faced with a pickle. Our money is on this being seriously worth it. Available at Ring for £84.99

  • RSDC3000 GPS-enabled smart dash camera

Smart cameras for driving is probably our most requested product we get asked for advice on. These products are so mainstream now that it’s almost a surprise not seeing a car with one. We’ve all seen that some crashes are intentional by a minority looking for an insurance scam. For that reason alone we highly recommend these, and if faced with the situation of having to defend your actions against a fraudulent ‘crash’, you will be better protected.

For us – it’s not even a matter of debate on buying these.

The only debate is which one do you buy for yourself or a loved one? We recommend the RSDC3000 Dashcam.

  • Full HD 1296p 30fps recording
  • Includes 2″ LCD screen​
  • 130° field of view image capture
  • GPS feature to keep track of your vehicle

Available at a very reasonable £84.99, this full HD dash cam comes with microSD slot allowing for 64GB storage. A 130° field of view and 30fps create a high quality, full HD image, for a wide view of the road. It also includes a GPS feature to track your vehicle and where collisions occur to help with insurance claims. Compatible with the RSDCR1000 Rear Camera for a full view of the outside of your vehicle. Great peace of mind for the whole of the vehicle.

  • EV Cables

EV’s are now getting so popular, that we reckon that you’ll struggle to go 2 minutes on the road without seeing one. To this point, the need to charge, largely at home on the driveway, is absolutely paramount.

Ring Automotive have the perfect option with their new EV cables, allowing easy connection to all Type 2 charge points (standard across UK and Europe). Their range includes both Type 1 and Type 2 sockets to charge those vehicles with Type 1 or Type 2 plug sockets, ensuring complete coverage across the market (except for Tesla models).

The range is extensive too, which is made up of five products including:

  • Type 1 EVs: RCC11605, RCC13205
  • Type 2 EVs: RCC21605, RCC23205, RCC23P05

In the Type 1 cable category, Ring offers 16A and 32A charging cables. A 16A set of cables are considered slow charge, while the 32A set of cables will charger at a much faster rate.

In the Type 2 cable category, Ring again offers 16A and 32A cables for slow and fast charging. However, the RCC23P05 is designed to work with three phase power supply for rapid charging.

All the cables in the range are five metres in length to reach any charge position on the vehicle from the charge station, which when we tested and ran a comparison, is pretty standard across the market. To sotp dust getting in, the cables come with a cap to prevent dirt and water ingress, plus have a IP65 waterproof rating, meaning they are fully protected from splashing. Absolutely necessary we think!

And just when you’re thinking – these might be a bit messy – how do they store away? Ring has you covered once more. Ring’s new EV cables also come with a protective storage case to make tidying away easy, but also prevent damage from being left in the boot of a car.

These cables are available from £174.99 at Ring. Wider range available, and some models are available on our sites too, such as Amazon.


We hope you found our Christmas guide helpful. Buying for others, and sometimes even yourself, can be fraught, with car enthusiasts wanting the coolest, and best products available, and within budget. The products in this guide have been tested and reviewed by My Car Heaven, and we believe they would be wonderful gifts under the tree this Christmas, and all without breaking the bank.

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