5 amazing books every F1 fan should read

Formula 1 is a fascinating and intense sport enjoyed by many around the world. Viewers are drawn into the dynamic of the many factors that come into play during the dynamic, fast-paced and unpredictable sporting event. 

What is even more interesting about sport is the many stories that shape the final decision of the big event. The drivers, the cars, the technology, the money, and the strategy of all the people involved along the way. Thankfully, many skilled authors have documented this journey and the following article highlights five of the abundance of available books that are worth reading. 

Life to the Limit: My Autobiography

This book takes the reader deep into the life of Jenson Button in his emotional and physical journey towards becoming the youngest British driver to debut in Formula 1 back in 2000. The book portrays the other side of glory as seen on TV, while giving insight into Jenson’s relationship with his father and other great Formula 1 drivers. 

The Mechanic’s Tale: Life in the pit-lanes of Formula On

In this book the reader follows the perspective of a mechanic’s job working in the pit lane of Formula 1. The book describes Steve Machettes life from when he was a young apprentice all to his latest success of winning Three World Championships. 

Lewis Hamilton: My Story

As with every successful sports person comes a story leading them to that elite level of physical and mental ability. This book is an authentic recount of Hamilton’s upbringing, his first step onto a track and his dedication on and off track leading him to where and who he is today.

Senna Versus Prost

This book covers the darker side of the competition and the consequences of unhealthy thirst for victory. The rivalry between McLaren drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, during a time when formula 1 was its most explosive led Senna to resort to dangerous tactics and wreck less driving. This blinded enthusiasm led to heavy repercussions during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, which is still remembered by many today. 

How to Build a Car: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Formula 1 Designer

This book focuses on the secret formula of the success of many championship winning cars of over 150 Grand Prix. Adrian Newey OBE began designing cars at the age of 12 and developed his skill to become the most successful race engineer, aerodynamicist, designer, and technical director. We’re taking into the mind of this technical genius and the thought process and detail behind the design and technical strategy of every car. 


Each year, formula 1 brings us new exciting developments and dynamic stories. This success has been transcended into different books for readers to enjoy as well as into our phones through a variety of games that bring the same level of excitement. The various slots online UK such as the 24-hour Grand Prix slots, resemble the experience of the actual Grand Prix for fans to enjoy.


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