The Top 10 Classic Maseratis of All Time

The Top 10 Classic Maseratis of All Time

It’s hard not to think of Maserati when it comes to the classiest supercars ever. It’s a name synonymous with unbeatable luxury design! Here’s our clutch of the top 10 classic Maseratis of all time – see what you think.

Maserati 250F

The Maserati 250F was a true rarity, gone in a flash by the start of the 1960s with only 26 cars made. It was built for F1 driving, and racing fans will recognise it as a winning machine for the late Stirling Moss. Sadly, this 250F’s lifespan petered out competitively by the late 50s. However, that didn’t stop it from becoming a prime pick for collectors until its line faded into obsolescence. This was a sprightly powerhouse that deserves a little more recognition – it’s responsible for breaking plenty of records.

Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage

The Birdcage is a genuinely iconic Maserati mainly thanks to its look. It was built for long endurance racing, light and tough, and visually striking compared to the pack. It was an even rarer beast than the 250F, with only 16 models leaving the assembly line. Again, the Birdcage saw success thanks to the incredible Stirling Moss. However, this supercar would later perform exceptionally on long-distance chases. The Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage is wild to look at and drive, so we’re told. Few Maseratis are this iconic.

Maserati Tipo 151

The Maserati Tipo 151 arrived a few years after the 61 Birdcage, carrying on the intensive streamlining. This unit took a lot of inspiration from WSC motors, though it took the streamlined design to a logical extreme. Again, much like the Birdcage, this vehicle was a tough endurance runner. The 151 doesn’t always make lists of the top 10 classic Maseratis – that’s probably because the Birdcage overshadows it. However, it grasps a spot on our list purely for its unique Le Mans successes for the time it rode out.

Maserati Khamsin

Leaping ahead a few years, the Maserati Khamsin was a Bertone creation – the very first. The Khamsin was active for around eight years and boasted the manufacturer’s trademark extreme design. In fact, the Khamsin was only ever designed to be extreme on the outside. This particular Maserati turned heads for the fact that it prioritised comfort. Its luxury inside design helped it stand apart from the likes of the previous Bora (more on that a little later). Again, the Khamsin gets overlooked a little – and it’s pretty undeserved.

Maserati MC12

Yes – we have to call supercars from the 00s’ classic’ these days. The Maserati MC12 was only with us for two short years, and just 50 of them ever left the showroom. This was a secret racing car, built for GT racing – and Maserati had been out of the game for nearly four decades. The MC12 was a racing revival that took a lot of inspiration from the Birdcage. It’s clear to see from that iconic, eye-popping design – and the colours remained faithful to the Tipo 61s, too.

Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Ghibli was a low-rider tour de force – long and flat-nosed. It was also exceptionally short, just less than four feet tall from wheel to the roof. This car makes it onto our list of the top 10 classic Maseratis, mainly for the iconic look. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the comfiest of supercars – and honestly, you can imagine that just by looking at it! The Ghibli rolled out between ’67 and ’73 and was built to compete against the likes of Aston Martin’s DBS. Max speed? 150-155 mph.

Maserati Tipo 26

Let’s leap back in time for this pick. The Maserati Tipo 26 was the first of its kind, a true trailblazer – the brand’s maiden racing car. The Tipo 26, as the name suggests, emerged in the mid-1920s. It was a breakaway from Diatto, as Maserati was striking out on its own as an independent supercar designer. 11 Tipo 26s left assembly lines during its run and was a strong competitor – and winner – across many Grands Prix. It lacked the extreme Maserati streamlining – but it was a strong start.

Maserati Quattroporte

The Quattroporte took Maserati in a new direction. Not purely content to corner luxury racing, the brand took to luxury sedans – and in 1963, it was bold. At least, it was for Maserati, as this beautiful car was tall and robust – still retaining those sleek Maserati hallmarks. Of course, this refers to the early 1960s run on the Maserati Quattroporte. It’s since seen a significant revival, and the 2003 relaunches are just as impressive. This was the fifth generation of a daring car that really pulled off.

Maserati A6GCS/53

The Maserati A6GCS/53 is perhaps one of the rarest cars ever produced by the brand. That’s mainly because this 1950s racer suffered from a stunning yet fatal flaw. It was an open-topped racing car with all the elegant trappings – but therein lay the problem. Open-topped racing isn’t always sustainable – and rain spoiled this vehicle’s chances of going too far in Grands Prix. Regardless, it’s one of the best-looking Maseratis of all time. Shockingly, a minute number of four cars ever saw roads.

Maserati Bora (and Merak)

Finally, keeping the Maserati Bora and Maserati Merak together in the same slot is fitting. The Bora ran from 1971 through 1978 as a mid-engine beauty – powerful and iconic. However, it’s the Merak that caught the imagination of the broader market. Its sequel sister outlived the Bora by five years – it was simply more affordable. Over 1,800 Meraks were made, and alongside the Bora, they are some of the most recognisable supercars of all time. The European design and engineering do leap from every edge!

So – that’s our list of the top 10 classic Maseratis and some related Maserati parts. The brand will continue to impress us for decades to come. Did we miss any of your favourites?


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