Our Top Ten Cars at Auto Italia 2013.

Further to our Postcard from Auto Italia 2013 I thought it would be cool to highlight the top 10 cars that caught our eye.  Of course there were many more, after all it could have been our top 50, but that’s what a Facebook Album is for.  So here goes:


1.  Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada

Love this car from the first time I saw one several years ago to this day.  Awesome!



2. Ferrari Dino

Love the car, love the design, love this colour.  Bellissima!


3. Maserati 4000

Never seen one before, that I can remember anyway.  Although a recreation, very, very cool.


4. Ferrari Challenge Stradale

Love this car so very much.  Loudest Ferrari yet!  Epic.  Just take in those line!


5. Lamborghini Diablo VT

Love the car, love the colour. Very cool.


6. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

What’s not to love about this gorgeous car?


7. Fiat Abarth 595

I liked this car so much I gave the owner my card for when (and if) he decides to sell it.


8. Lamborghini Countach

Iconic, and a car design like no other.  What’s not to love?


9. Ferrari F40

Normally this stunning car would be higher up my list, however, I’ve seen a lot in the last few years, so the rarer cars win this time around!


10. De Tomaso Pantera GTS

You have to watch our video to truly appreciate how awesome this sounds. Bravo to the owner/ driver.


Other notables

Ok, it’s not 10, but hey come on, what did you expect!  There was so many great and beautiful cars at Auto Italia.  Here are two other notable cars that caught my eye.

Alfa Romeo SZ

What a unique design, it’s a Zagato, what’s not to love?


Ferrari 250 GTO

It’s only last on our list as it is a recreation, and a kids car.  How cool is that though?  You’d have to be very rich to buy one though wouldn’t you. I’d be terrified that the kids would smash it up, which you know they would!


So there you have it, that’s my top 10, or should I say 12.  What do you think of my selection?  Do you have a top 10 italian cars?


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