So who’s owned a Ferrari F40?

Anyone that’s anyone has owned an Ferrari F40, here’s just a few that I know of:

Nigel Mansell (F1 World Champion)

Alain Prost (F1 World Champion)

Jean Todt (Ex CEO of Ferrari)

Jay Kay (Lead singer of Jamiroquai)

Chris Evans (that ginger lad that likes Ferrari’s)

Patrick Tambay (Racing driver)

Rob Stewart (Musician)

Nick Mason (Musician, Pink Floyd)

Sir Anthony Bamford (Owner of JCB)

Luciano Pavarotti (Opera singer)

Gianni Agnelli (Ex-owner of Ferrari)

Jacques Laffitte (Racing driver)

Rene Arnoux (Racing driver)

George Foreman (Former heavyweight boxing champion)

So have I missed anyone out from this list, let me know…


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25 comments on "So who’s owned a Ferrari F40?"

  • Anti says:

    Luigi Bruzio is one of the first people to get a F40

  • Guillote says:

    Maradona had the first black F40

  • Mustaq says:

    Jason Taylor – I had the good fortune of being shown your F40 E274 BGT in 1992. I was with my uncle and he came to visit your father and took me along to see the car. Your good father took the time to show me the car at length and told me the history of that important piece of motoring history. I still have a picture, outside of your house, of the car with also a portrait of the car that your father kept. Great memories of my favourite car of all time.

  • Andrew says:

    I’ve never driven the F40 because i was born in 1998.
    My parents had that car: F40 was amazing.
    I hope that our car could be found, but i think that is a dream: maybe she (because car is always female) was used for race or spare parts….

  • jason taylor says:

    Hay Will, great to hear back from you.. yes all good here, just got married..
    Keep in touch got my email 🙂

  • Will Wynn says:

    Certainly have. It’s a keeper. Hope all is good with you.

  • jason taylor says:

    Hi Will, Just thought i would check in passing by.. Hope you are well buddy.. have you still got the 360 Super Special..Regards

  • Will Wynn says:

    Shocking. Sorry to hear that pal.

    On the bright side, at least you owned and drove one. Not many people will say that in their lifetime.

  • Andrew says:

    We had an F40. Chassis 89009.
    Stolen in 1996. Never found again.

  • Well, the F40, E274 BGT is back on the market. Still with circa 15k miles on it and looking very nice indeed. Not too far from my shop in Chelsea if you feel like popping in after you’ve collected it to have a browse over some nice antique Louis Vuitton trunks or maybe some Hermes bags for the ladies.

  • Jason Taylor says:

    Hi Dominic, cool, I most probably did, I did use the car a lot….I think I did approx 20,000 miles in that car..

  • Dominic mcGarry says:

    Jason sorry for a very very late reply, I totally forgot what the forum was called until now! I live in Alsager but visit the brow low often. Like I said I used to see the cars at the house when I was younger as I rode past a lot on my mountain bike! I think you once pulled up next to me at the lights in the F40 ( there won’t be many F40s around our way I doubt!)

  • Ellis Dionisio says:

    I forgot to add ; F1 driver Felipe Massa has one and drives it around the streets of Monaco recently.

    Also, former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca owns a 1991 F40 but sold it in 2012.

  • Ellis Dionisio says:

    Great article…thank you so much!

    I stumble into your article while looking for the Euro version of the F40. I live in Chicago and I saw 2 US version of the F40. I think the Euro version looks way ahead better. I heard that the local Ferrari dealer owner Mancuso of Lake Forest Sportscar owns one.

  • Jason Taylor says:

    Hi Dominic, you are correct I did live there…it is a very small world..are you from Congleton?..

  • Dominic McGarry says:

    Jason, I’ve stumbled across this thread after searching on thr price of an F40 these days after a debate with a friend, now I am wondered are you the Jason Taylor who lived opposite pecks restaurant….. As a youngster I saw the car collection at the house opposite and a friend of mine told me they were owned by a guy called Jason Taylor…..I’ve seen the Diablo and the F40 coming out of the house a few times years ago and just wondered if you are the same person…..small world if you are!

  • Jason Taylor says:

    The 360 challenge car you have sounds brilliant..that sure is a nice one to have garaged…I think that every ferrari will go up in price..even a low milage mint 360 will go up…so the challenge will definitely increase in price…I would keep the car out of competition and covered up…look at the 328 and testarossa for example..the price of a clean car today is quadruple the list price…just imagine your car now in another 10 years time…
    Looking at the prices of the 360 challenge homoliagtion car it’s fairly unchartered waters..that product begun with the 246 Dino then 308 then 328 if these cars were sent to competition you had to do it yourself..the challenge/competition option in the range was first introduced with the 348 comp..its probably been a bit rough to say this as all Ferraris are good but as much as a lost cause the 348 was In the transaction of loosing Enzo and Luca Montezemolo getting traction this car is now a very collectable car if unraced..
    So that been said yes I would be very proud to have your 360 CS and be confidant that is was in possession of a very collectable car.. I will make a prediction and seal it with wax in an envelope that the value in 10 years time providing that it’s not mid a recession 🙂 £474/£600k..
    Your question as to why the price is a quarter of the F40..the 360 CS 430 CS and 458 CS are adapted cars from an already running production run the F40,50 ect are limited production special solo cars…I’d like to see a pic of your car…it sounds lovely..

  • Will Wynn says:

    Fantastic information Jason. The F40 is right up there for me as an iconic car.

    I like the simplicity of the F40. I’ve driven the Ferrari 360 Modena, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stadale,Ferrari 360 Challenge, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 430 Scuderia and Ferrari 458.

    Of all these cars my favourites are the raw, intense and loud cars.

    The Ferrari F430 was too playstation for me, too many buttons, too comfortable, which is why I decided against buying one. The 458 is an amazing car, but again too many buttons on the stering wheel. I had a day driving the 458 round the Millbrook proving ground, which was awesome.

    I personally loved the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, which is why I bought one, and to this day I would never want to let go of it. The sound and driving experience is intoxicating, a real smile on your face experience, and you know you are 1 of only a few to have the pleasure of ownership.

    I also loved the 360 Challenge race car, and in the future may consider buying one to race or do track days.

    On a final note, F40 prices have gone up to circa £700-800k, the 360 Challenge Stradale is circa £180-200k, but is not a quarter of the car that the F40 is. Why do you think this is? Will the Challenge Stradale catch up over time? How do you see it?

  • Jason Taylor says:

    Dave Gilmore (Pink Floyd) 1988 F40 reg F40 REH …another one for the list..supplied new through Ron Stratton Ferrari (wilmslow) prior to loosing his Ferrari franchise
    Peter Lutchford from Lutchford knitting in Leicestershire also had a new car F40 1989
    And a pal of mine Gareth Lloyd (Staffordshire) has an F40 in his garage for the past 20 years…

  • Jason Taylor says:

    Hi Will, looking back…I really loved each and every one of them…because each car represented a certain purpose.. I used the 355s and 360 for everyday use, they were screamers..I would not want to go touring long distance in one.. The F40 and the 355/360 if you got the car hot on a journey you really did feel like you had a few rounds with Mike Tyson, you would come back hot and exhausted…the 550 I took quite regularly on a trip to London from my town which is approx 200 miles and I was a fresh as when I started..550 was a lovely car…easy to drive and very forgiving with the traction control..
    The shelby 427 comp was honestly awful lol…great to look at but that’s it..
    F50 sounded awesome from inside it was the cam belts right behind the seats..and it was forgiving like the 550..
    But to answer your question if I had to pick one….now….it’s gotta be the’s now almost 30 years old and can still hold its own on the street…and yes they have gone up to what they were in the late 80’s…they were almost a million then…here is a little story about my local ferrari dealer…Stratton Ferrari.. He was really mercenary..he would only let you order an F40 for delivery if you had a 288 GTO to PX..bare in mind the 288 was selling for 1.2m back when the F40 was on sale..and he would let you PX the 288 at a straight swap PX..(part exchange) as he could not sell a car for a premium being an official dealer..very naughty the games dealers were upto…we bought our F40 in 1991 for £185k when the ferrari bubble burst..we sold it for I recall £225 into the F50 at list I think was £349k.. I think if any ferrari in the next 20 years is going to rocket like the 250GTO it’s got to be the F40 and 288 GTO…hope iv not got to many typos…so yes F40 wind up windows/adjustable suspension, sub 15,000miles no mint order that is the car that I would have above all….she’s out there somewhere waiting…Have you had any red beasts Will?

  • Will Wynn says:

    Very cool Jason. What was the one you wish you’d kept most and why?

    F40’s prices have gone through the roof in the last few years, but you wish you’d held onto it?

  • Jason Taylor says:

    My father owned a ferrari F40 reg E274 BGT chassis no 77289.. We owned the car from 1991 to 1998 we bought it from Kevin Humpries at Maranello Sales, and sold it through Maranello, the owner put blue leather seats in the car after we sold it, I see the car on a few web sites now and it’s back to standard with red seats, we bought the F50 in 1998 on a R plate, great car but the F40 is a car I would now like to buy back if it ever comes up for sale…I drove it more than my father it was a bit of a handful for the old man lol…we did lots of track days with it and put straight though exhausts and air dump valves…it was awesome..we have owned 355 F1 and spider, 550 Maranello red and silver land speed record car, F512 TR F512M, 2 F50’s 360 Modena, AC shelby 427 competition 1962 which we sold through Mr Rod Leech the authority on Cobras..a Lamborghini Diablo Sv in Orange from AFN lambo… Next purchase I guess 288 GTO not had one of those yet…and I’d like the F40 back…

  • Will Wynn says:

    Cool fact Sebastian. Not sure I want one now though! 😀

  • Sebastian says:

    Diego Maradona, Argentinian football legend, owned a F-40 back in 1986. It was black, the first one ever made (specially for him). It was paid by Ferlaino, then president of Napoli F.C. (where Diego played) at the time

  • Chris says:

    I was at a Ferrari dealership in Tucker Ga. In the early 90’s and there was an F40 sitting there that had just been detailed. I talked with the ship owner and he let me sit in it. I was then informed that the car was being delivered to Jimmy Dean, the sausage guy. My response was, “the sausage guy?”, and he confirmed he was the one. Who would have thought.

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