The HBH Bulldog GT, a beautiful vision.

This is the proposed development of a mid-engined Aston Martin V12 Vantage by Danish company HBH.  The design of this new supercar has now been finalised and, harking back to Aston’s history, it has been christened ‘Bulldog GT’.

This is not HBH’s first supercar project: the team developing the Bulldog GT prototype is the same team which designed the Zenvo ST1 for Zenvo Automotive.

HBH’s Torben Hartvig stated “we’ve spent a lot of time and money creating what we believe to be a fantastic supercar, and we are therefore willing to wait for the right partner to participate in the next phase.  We believe this project is an opportunity to be a part of automotive history and, at the same time, make a potentially good investment.”

HBH’s Christian Brandt states “as the car is created in the spirit of an Aston Martin, extremely high standards of craftsmanship have been a vital consideration. “We could have made the entire body for the car in carbon, but it just didn’t feel right, given the heritage of Aston Martin.  Instead, we chose to manufacture the body panels in hand-beaten aluminium – following Aston tradition.”

The specifications

  • Max torque: 756Nm / 548lb ft at 5750rpm
  • Acceleration: 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds
  • Top speed: 300km/h ¦ 186 mph

So there you have it.  What a beautiful looking car!  What do you think?  Now if only a company could make a car so beautiful for under £50k, they would make a fortune…


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2 comments on "The HBH Bulldog GT, a beautiful vision."

  • Will Wynn says:


    We are assuming you are referring to the awesome Nissan GT-R (R35), which at £72k I would not say was affordable for most people, but we get your point. Personally we don’t think it is much of a looker, but then again neither is a rocket.

    There are some great supercar deals out there, especially on the 2nd hand market. This week we saw a Porsche 928, 66,000 miles, which sold on eBay for £4,500, what a great deal.

    Good motoring.


  • rw says:

    Nissan seems to bee the only car company in the world to make high quality affordable super cars…better start with them!

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