7 Futuristic Concept Cars Predicted to be on the Road in 2050, maybe.

I love, like many car nuts, gawking at concept cars at car exhibitions. For the most part, futuristic concept cars represent a brand’s future design orientation. They are often nothing more than demonstrations of design and what could be. In truth, concept cars are, for the most part, either never going into production, or are pre-production versions of the cars we may see on the road. 

We found these seven well-known nameplates from famous carmakers on budgetdirect.com and these designs satiated our hunger for seeing a new concept vehicle. We let our imaginations go wild with the specs these seven cars might have in 2050, 27 years from now. 

Here’s what our brainstorming came up with…

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette in 2050

This was a difficult one. The modern Chevrolet Corvette C8 is a completely new model. It’s also the first Corvette with a mid-engine layout. As a result, our Corvette idea is based on the evolution of America’s domestic supercar in general. But, because we’re talking about the future, our 2050 Corvette was built with two or four electric motors and a long-range battery pack in mind. 

Our Corvette concept is, in fact, an all-electric vehicle. This offered us more freedom to imagine a future, low-slung body form. The mid-engine architecture was kept, but additional huge air vents were added to the rear flanks. Those air vents, however, are responsible for cooling the high-output rear electric motors and battery pack, not a big V8 engine.

Toyota Corolla 

Toyota Corolla in 2050

The Toyota Corolla, like the Honda Civic, is a perennial bestseller in the compact sedan segment. While the current tenth-generation Corolla has a more athletic stance, Toyota’s concept car is the Concept-i, which features scissor front doors and reverse scissor rear doors. The Concept-i has been reinvented for the year 2050. Our Corolla concept car is the end outcome. 

Our Corolla idea is, indeed, an all-electric vehicle. We were able to create a unique cab-forward design with a low and pointed front end and a rising beltline as a result of this. It has a huge, forward-facing greenhouse near the B-pillars that runs all the way to the roof. We also used the original Concept-i’s wheels to complete the futuristic look. 

Ford Mustang 

Ford Mustang in 2050

We’ve all seen renderings of a Ford Mustang with a mid-engine, but we went one step further. We took the front clip of an all-electric Mustang Mach E crossover and gave it a true fastback design, complete with two doors and a strong attitude. And, like the new Mach 1, our Mustang idea is an all-electric vehicle. 

Our electric pony vehicle, however, has sharper lines and a shorter hood than the current-generation Mustang S550. It also features pointed side mirrors and a floating roof thanks to blacked-out A and C-pillars. If we have our way, this Mustang idea will have twin rear-mounted electric motors to provide a true rear-drive sensation, though a four-motor muscle vehicle isn’t out of the question. 

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ in 2050

The Jaguar XJ is a fantastic luxury vehicle. It offers plenty of space, speed, and grace you’d expect from a Jaguar. However, Jaguar has stated that the next-generation XJ would be an all-electric vehicle, making it the company’s second all-electric vehicle following the award-winning I-PACE electric crossover. 

The I-rounded PACE’s appearance, on the other hand, put us off. Instead, we went for more athleticism with sharper lines, larger shoulders, an angular windscreen, and a wildly sloping roofline. The angular front fenders, smaller headlights, a radical front bumper (which creates the appearance of a floating front grille), and a transparent rear diffuser panel are the most striking features. 

Mercedes-Benz SL 

Mercedes Benz SL in 2050

Some believed the Mercedes-Benz SL was dead, until Mercedes delivered the eighth-generation SL-Class model is in 2022. The 2050’s SL model will be built on the same basis as Mercedes-GT AMG’s sports vehicle. The SL label stands for ‘Sport Leicht’ or Super Light, and it’s essentially a return to form. 

We drew inspiration for our Mercedes-Benz SL idea from past concepts such as the Silver Arrow and AMG Vision Gran Turismo. Our Mercedes SL idea has huge wheels, a massive Panamericana front grille set lower to the ground, narrow headlamps similar to the Vision GT concept, and those classic three-side air vents.

Mini Cooper 

Mini Cooper in 2050

The original two-door Mini is regarded as a classic. Purists were eager to point out that the new Mini was not a true Mini when BMW unveiled it in 2001. It looks like a Mini and drives like a Mini in some ways, but it’s far too huge and complicated to be classified as a true Mini car. 

As a result, we designed our Mini Cooper idea to be smaller than the present model. To boost visibility, we also gave it an essentially non-existent A-pillar design with a vertically oriented windscreen and wide side windows. Because our Mini idea is all-electric, we were able to put a big blank front grille with an embossed Union Jack flag on it. 

Honda Civic 

Honda Civic in 2050

Despite the growing popularity of crossovers and SUVs, new-generation small cars like the Honda Civic will always have a place in the automotive scene. We took Honda’s Gundam-robot aesthetic style and elevated it to new heights for our Civic concept. To begin with, it features wraparound front fenders that practically frame the hood and the entire front end of the vehicle. It also borrows the Honda CRZ’s wider shoulders and hatchback rear appearance. 

The lines on our Honda Civic idea are cleaner than those on the current model. For greater aerodynamics, it’s also lower, sleeker, and has a more angular windshield. Have you noticed the rocker panels that have been blackened out? It denotes the location of the battery pack in our Civic concept, which is mounted lower to optimise the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

Futuristic vehicle concepts are often out-of-this-world and sometimes teeter on the downright ridiculous. But we love seeing them and wouldn’t want it any other way. They need to be like this in order to push the industry forward. Concept cars are not meant to show small iterations, heaven forbid! They need to push the boat out with mighty, giant leaps forward that inspire.


So there you have it. Concept cars that we may see in the future, maybe. What car above do you like the look of most?


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