How Much Can I Expect from a Car Accident Settlement?

Car accidents happen in seconds, but they leave an impact that can last for months or years. The medical expenses and other damages associated with a car crash can add to your financial burden.

Roughly 38,000 people are killed in car crashes yearly, and many more are injured. The CDC estimates that the monetary damages resulting from collisions are massive, costing $55 billion a year for fatal accidents.

With these astronomical costs, you may wonder how much you can expect from a car accident settlement. While there is no set number since various factors will influence the amount, auto wreck attorneys estimate it to be between $14,000 and $28,000.

Working with an experienced car accident lawyer in northern California can help you get the fair amount you deserve in compensation after your accident.

What Factors Affect Car Accident Settlement Values?

Every car accident is different, hence the need for each one to be considered individually. You may know someone who received a large settlement, but this may be different in your circumstances and vice versa.

These factors will affect the compensation you may receive.

The Severity of Your Injuries

If you suffered major or catastrophic injuries in your car crash, you would likely receive a large settlement. This is due to the requirement for more medical treatment and rehabilitation. Additionally, these types of injuries can greatly impact your life. For example, if you have a traumatic brain injury, limb amputation, or spinal cord trauma, your injuries will likely fetch a higher amount.

Medical Bills

Your medical bills will show the severity of your injuries. You may need ongoing medical care and treatments, which would also be calculated into your car accident settlement.

Lost Wages

If the injuries you sustained in the accident prevent you from working temporarily or permanently, this loss may be factored into the settlement amount. Your injury could impact your career and earning capacity, which should all be considered.

Non-Economic Damages

While you will certainly be able to file a claim for economic damages like the ones discussed above, you may also file for non-economic damages. These include physical pain, emotional anguish, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

For the best results in a car accident settlement, having strong evidence to back up your claims is imperative. Working with a car accident lawyer will ensure you have the highest chance of success.

Since an attorney understands all the nuances of the laws regarding personal injury, they will be able to help you collect evidence to prove your claims. Statistics show that car accident victims who retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney have a better chance of receiving full compensation for their injuries and other losses.

Additionally, having an attorney will ensure you can focus on your recovery. Getting your health back on track and following the treatments from your doctor is vital. With a lawyer handling all the intricate details of your car accident settlement, it will make the entire situation less stressful, and you will have a better chance of getting the compensation you deserve.


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