5 Actions That Could Land You In A Car Accident

The UK has its fair share of auto accidents, with approximately 150,000 people losing their lives on the road each year. Of course, you don’t want to end up this way, and you may take the necessary steps to become a good driver. Despite this, you are at risk of colliding with another vehicle, motorcycle, or pedestrian with the slightest mistake. This, in turn, can put you in a lot of trouble with the law and can affect your life drastically. Therefore, knowing what could land you in this situation can keep you prepared and alert. Here are a few you should not lose sight of. 

  1. Driving like you are in a car race 

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Granted, you are a huge car race enthusiast who desires to satisfy your need for speed. However, this ambition can quickly become your nightmare if lives or properties are lost. When driving above acceptable limits, you can quickly lose control of your vehicle and may not get the space needed to stop safely. Moreover, slamming on your brakes at an alarming speed can cause your car to roll over violently. Seeing these risks, you may want to keep your love for speed in check. If you’re unsure what the safety limits are, check around for signboards giving this information. Even if these aren’t available, remember that you aren’t the only one on the road, and your actions can affect lives. 

  1. Paying no heed to the traffic signal 

The road is seemingly empty, and the traffic light is red. You may toy with skipping the red light since there isn’t an oncoming vehicle. But discard this thought as soon as possible, as there’s more than meets the eye. Without your knowledge, a car in the opposite direction may be moving at top speed to beat the traffic light, and your car intercepting them can be catastrophic for both parties. Even if you don’t have a collision, you can still be slapped with hefty but avoidable fines. So, be patient while on the road, and reject the temptation to jump traffic lights. This can save your life and other people, so keep this in mind. 

  1. Filling your system with alcohol before hitting the road 

While no one is against having fun, you should do so responsibly. Excess booze can cloud your concentration and thinking abilities when driving a vehicle. This, in turn, can reduce your reaction time and increases your risk of crashing into guardrails, trees, walls, vehicles, and people. Aside from this, you can feel drowsy and fall asleep behind the wheel, only to find yourself on a hospital bed with bandages, casts, and extreme pain. Therefore, your best option is to restrict yourself from drinking, especially if you drive yourself and others home. If you must get wasted, get a backup plan to get home safely. Your sober friend, taxi, or Uber are great alternatives. However, mistakes happen, and you could find yourself in a pickle. Working with an experienced attorney will be the best idea if you’re hit with drink driving charges

  1. Putting a battered car on the road 

If your car is in a bad state, putting it on the road may not be the best idea. For starters, it cannot keep you safe should unexpected circumstances occur. For instance, what will you do if your brakes are faulty and you need to stop your car from hitting another object or person? Or, how would you control your automobile if a tyre bursts on the highway at top speed? Your car should always be in top condition, and don’t neglect faults, no matter how minor. These seemingly insignificant things can endanger your life and others. Regular maintenance can help you detect and fix these issues, prolonging your car’s lifespan and ensuring safety. 

  1. Opening yourself to distraction while behind the wheel 

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The last thing you want is to be distracted when behind the wheel. This is because driving requires your full attention and alertness. That said, getting carried away by your friends or family chatting can be risky. Likewise, looking at billboards, adjusting your mirrors, or doing other things while driving is also classified as a distraction. Therefore, take the necessary steps to avoid being distracted. For instance, you can park your car at a safe place to eat and drink and switch off your mobile devices. When travelling with people, politely ask them to speak calmly so that the noise does not carry you away. If you feel sleepy, don’t drive. Rest in your car for a while before hitting the road again.


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