I Got Into an Auto Accident: What Now?

Car accidents are traumatic and highly intense events. Remaining calm in these situations can be very difficult, especially if you or your loved one suffered injuries. If you find the compensation offered low or are denied by the insurance company, you should opt for a free consultation at a legal office. This is an excellent way to find out what you are entitled to. However, here are the essential steps to take immediately after a collision. 

Check for Safety and Injuries

Your main priority after the crash is to check for everyone’s safety and call an ambulance. Even if it was a small bump, always ensure you, the other driver, and the passengers are in safe and stable condition. 

Any car accident can become a road hazard, so avoid additional damage by moving your cars to a safe place and turning them off. If you cannot move your vehicle, move away from the traffic and use your emergency light signals and reflective emergency triangles to alert the other drivers.

Be gentle and careful when removing others from the vehicle. If there are children in designated seats, do not take them out. Some injuries may not be visible immediately, but that does not mean they are not severe. For example, spinal and neck injuries can worsen if you move the victims. Unless the victims are in imminent danger or you have medical expertise, you should generally avoid moving them.

Call an Ambulance or The Police

After you have ensured everyone is in a safe location, call for an ambulance immediately. Delayed help can be fatal in severe car accidents.  

When talking with the authorities, give them your exact location. You will have to provide your information and the other driver’s information, as well as a summary of the situation. Most importantly, do not hang up before the dispatchers give you permission. 

Do Not Make Deals and Take Photos of The Damage

The number one rule in any car accident is never to admit guilt. Even if you are at fault, you can still be compensated for your damages. This is, of course, if you do not make any crucial mistakes following the accident. If you talk with the other driver before authorities arrive, refrain from making any statements and do not accept any deal from them. Even if the sum of money is considerable, you cannot know for sure if it will cover all future expenses. It is also against some insurance policies, which can get your claim automatically denied. 

The best action is to document the scene as well as possible. Take photos of any damage and if your insurance company wants to speak with you, do not admit fault and direct them toward your lawyer. This way, they cannot use any information to deny your claim. 

Consult With a Car Accident Lawyer

According to the Diplomatic Relations Act and the Foreign Missions Act from 1978, each motor vehicle in the USA must have insurance. However, insurance companies can delay or deny your claims and protect their profits. This is why talking with an attorney can increase your chances of receiving fair compensation. Some lawyers offer free consultations, so take advantage and get legal advice before making any decisions.


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