How to Make Your Own DIY Car Modifications That Will Blow The Crowd Away

If you ever get tired of driving the same old car around town, it’s time to make some modifications of your own. After all, there are plenty of people out there who want to see what you can do with your vehicle.

You have seen it before—cars that look like they have been custom-made with thousands of dollars invested into them. People that look at your car think that you must have spent a fortune on it. What you didn’t know was that you could make your own car modifications and have the same kind of results! If you are looking to make your car look better but can’t spend thousands of dollars on car mods, you are in luck! In this article, you are going to see how you can make your car modding look as good as your money can buy.

As you can see, these car mods are pretty amazing. What makes them so special is that they’re made from a $300 budget car, and they took less than 1 week to make.

1)LED Halo Headlights

While some cars still come with halos, LED halo headlights have taken off. They are a great solution for drivers who want a dramatic, eye-catching look without having to install a complicated set of lights. LED halos are very popular among car enthusiasts because they provide a cleaner look. They can also be used with aftermarket headlight bulbs if a factory replacement is not available.

In case you are still wondering what LED Halo headlight is, I’ll tell you about it. It is a light emitting diode (LED) headlight that produces less heat than ordinary headlights. This type of headlight is more efficient and it lasts longer. You will definitely be able to see better with it than with ordinary headlights. These are available in different sizes and shapes. It’s best to choose a model that is perfect for your vehicle. You can also choose a model that has a special feature that makes it easy to mount on your vehicle. There are some models that you can just clip onto your existing headlight. The best thing about this type of headlight is that they are made with a new technology that makes them more efficient. It takes much less energy to turn on an LED Halo headlight than it does to run an ordinary headlight. So, you can save a lot of money on your energy bills. Some LED Halo headlamps come with a timer that you can use to turn them off automatically. This can be a great convenience when you are going out at night because you don’t have to worry about turning on and off the headlight whenever you leave and return home. It can also prevent you from getting into an accident if you accidentally hit the switch to turn off the headlight. 

2)LED illuminated Door Sills 

Door sills are the vertical support beams that hold up doors, and some of them are very ugly. The LED-illuminated door sill is a new type of door sill that incorporates a combination of aesthetics and practicality into one. LED lights illuminate the entire door sill without adding bulk and they are easily replaceable. These sills can be mounted on the inside or outside of doors, and they provide a dramatic lighting effect when the door is open.

What you need to understand is that door sills are used to hold the doors shut. They are made from plastic and are usually red or green in color. There are different kinds of door sills. You may have to pick the one that matches with the interior color of your car. If you want to get some more ideas on what kinds of door sills you can use, you can check the Internet. It has a lot of information on what kinds of door sills are available.

3) LED Car Gear Shift Knobs

If you want to try cool shift knobs , you firstly need to conside the LED gear shift knob.

The LED gear shift knob is an example of a highly customizable piece of industrial design. They started with a concept that was inspired by the shape of a gear shift knob. Their challenge was to translate that simple concept into a functional part that could be integrated into any car. Their original prototype was not particularly attractive, but they were persistent. After many iterations of prototypes, the final result was the creation of a gear shift knob that could be produced on large quantities from professionl shift knob manufacturers for mass production.

I’ve seen the green version of the shifter that came on the new 2012 BMW 3-Series. It makes for a very modern, eye-catching touch to a car, but it’s been discontinued for the 2013 model year, according to If you really want to make your 2011-2013 BMW 3-Series stand out in a crowd of newer vehicles, and you want a modern-looking steering wheel, take a look at the shifter made by Bremont in Italy. It’s a single-piece aluminum construction and features a LED lamp that lets you know whether it’s in Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, or whatever other gear you’re in.


 LED lightings are becoming more popular as it has been getting brighter and cheaper. Some people have been interested in doing DIY lighting. If you are one of them, here are some tips on how to make your own DIY car modifications with LED. First, you need to know what types of LED are there. There are various types of LED. There are white and blue color LED. White LED is made from aluminum while blue LED is made from gallium nitride. The colors are different. White LED is created to emit bright white light while the blue LED is created to produce blue light. It depends on what you need. You can use both of them in your DIY lighting. If you want to purchase it ,you can by easily on the e-commerce site from 


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