Custom Car Considerations: A Guide For First-Time Car Mods

With modern automobiles possessing a wide array of different avenues for customisation, car modifications have naturally become increasingly popular amongst revheads and everyday drivers alike. You can now buy a wide variety of aftermarket parts – many of which are even better than the original parts [provided by car manufacturers. There are parts that will make your car look better, options that will improve performance, and even modifications that can help make your vehicle safer too. 

Due to the proliferation of aftermarket parts and increased flexibility, all car enthusiasts have become vehicle designers, and that’s a good thing. However, what are the easiest things you can do to improve the look and performance of your ride? No matter if you’re an experienced motor modder or just getting started, here are six of the simplest ways to modify your car from its stock condition to a powerhouse machine.

  1. Exhaust System

Generally, the piping of an aftermarket exhaust tends to have a wider diameter than stock exhausts. This wider diameter essentially helps in reducing exhaust pressure. As a result of this, any aftermarket exhaust will be likely to improve the performance, appearance, and sound of your car or truck. You can transform your truck or car for the better with the right exhaust system, whether you’re looking for more power, show-quality looks, or both.

In addition to wider pipes, aftermarket exhausts also feature less restrictive mufflers and catalytic converters (CATs). As a result, the exhaust gases are able to escape from the car quickly, reducing restrictions in the exhaust system.

  1. Performance Tyres

Are you looking for better acceleration? You’ll need proper tyre traction. Turning at high speeds? That’s where traction becomes increasingly essential. Good tyre traction will essentially allow you to brake safely and handle with greater control even when moving at a high velocity. Regardless of how the body of your car is designed and whether or not it’s equipped with elements like spoilers and other aerodynamic features and accessories, replacing the tyres is always hands down the best way to start when it comes to aftermarket modifications.

  1. The Cold Air Intake Kit

Your car’s temperature affects far more than just how cold or hot your seats and its occupants will be. Believe it or not, your car’s temperature can also affect how efficient your vehicle will run. Cold air is denser than warm air and a cold air intake system is basically designed with this in mind, specifically to facilitate the flow of denser, free-flowing cooler air to enter your car’s engine. With denser air, your engine will be able to mix more fuel with more efficiency, resulting in a greater output of power when driving. The benefits are still there, even if you don’t see them, and they actively contribute to the efficient operation of your car.

  1. High-Performance Shocks

It goes without saying that the road conditions in a city littered with potholes and bumps can take their toll on your car. Thanks to high-performance shocks, however, you can greatly reduce the impact that repetitive speed bumps and untimely potholes can hold on your personal vehicle. Having them installed does not give you a license to drive recklessly, but they can be helpful if you hit a bump or pothole when you’re not expecting it. If you are an off road enthusiast, aftermarket shocks should be the first upgrade you consider if your vehicle came with stock options.

  1. Sway Bar Upgrades

As your vehicle turns, the sway bar (anti-roll bar) keeps your vehicle level and prevents it from tilting, making this little element of your car’s design fantastic for keeping your car steady when turning round corners at a faster speed. However, it’s not uncommon to find cars with sway bars that are below standard and thus won’t perform under extreme conditions, which can lead to some grief with your car’s handling down the line or may even exacerbate any instances of hydroplaning. You should invest in a sway bar upgrade if you want to make sure that your vehicle is level during every turn, and its occupants consistently safe when driving through volatile conditions. 

  1. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

ECU tuning (also known as a map or flash) is usually the next step for car owners who are looking to boost their vehicle’s performance. Essentially, reprogramming your car’s computer allows for a wider power band and a flatter torque curve rather than just going for maximum output at high RPMs, which produces more power. Tuners sometimes allow users to refine their programming continuously to squeeze every bit of improvement out of it. A tuned ECU is especially effective for cars that use turbochargers or superchargers for forced induction.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of different mods that first-time car modders can have a crack at that are likely to elevate your car’s performance, and result in a more satisfying and potentially even safer driving experience. Be sure to do your research and find all the aftermarket parts that are best suited to your vehicle before pulling out your toolbox, however. There’s no better way to maintain your confidence when modding than by ensuring that you’ve done your due diligence!


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