Suspension Upgrades That Enhance Vehicle Performance

The average cost of replacing suspension bushes in cars ranges between £384 and £650, according to estimates on Checkatrade. Your vehicle’s suspension is an important component, as it allows you to drive on any terrain with stability and control. A car with a faulty suspension can’t maintain contact with the road, meaning it will bounce up and down. As a result, you’ll have limited control over your steering, thus increasing the risk of a road accident. It is therefore crucial to keep your vehicle’s suspension in perfect working conditions. 

One way to achieve this goal is through regular suspension upgrades. Besides improving road safety, suspension upgrades are vital to increasing the fuel efficiency of your car, improving overall performance, and reducing repair costs. Keep reading to learn a few suspension upgrades that enhance vehicle performance. 

Sway Bars or Anti-roll Bars

Installing sway bars, also known as anti-roll bars, is a simple suspension upgrade but it can have a significant impact on your driving experience. An anti-roll or sway bar is a lever that connects two opposite wheels on the front or the rear of the car. The primary function of sway or anti-roll bars is to level car corners effectively by reducing roll caused by tension when cornering. 

Typically, when driving around corners or bends, the outside wheel and suspension undergo a lot more pressure than the inner wheels. This makes the car roll harder when cornering. By installing stiffer sway or anti-roll bars, you’ll experience less roll when driving around bends. Your vehicle will feel more precise because reduced roll helps tires maintain contact with the road surface. 

Upgrade Coilovers

Another important consideration when upgrading your car’s suspension is using coilovers. Coilovers are essentially shock absorbers wrapped in coil springs. And while modern automobiles come fitted with coilovers, the design offers an optimum balance between comfort, cost, and road holding capabilities. Fitting new coilovers will probably sacrifice comfort and costs, but improve your vehicle’s stability on the road. 

Since aftermarket coilovers have a stiffer set-up unlike stock ones, installing high performance coilovers with dedicated shock absorbers and height adjustment will affect suspension performance. Besides adjusting the vehicle’s height, coilovers upgrades offer many benefits. According to Low Offset, coilovers improve handling, especially when rounding bends, taking sharp corners, or turning at high speeds. Installing adjustable coilovers also helps you raise or lower your car’s height depending on your driving needs. 

Strut Tower Braces 

Maintaining proper balance on the road is key to enhanced safety, and the best way to achieve this goal is by fitting strut tower braces and shocks. This suspension upgrade helps prevent the car from losing balance if you swerve or brake suddenly. Swerving or sudden braking throw the car off balance, making it unstable because of the weight shift from one side to the other. While shocks and strut bars are separate components, they work together to ensure vehicles handle sudden weight transfers. By fine tuning the strut bars and shocks, you can maintain proper balance even when you brake or swerve your car unexpectedly. 

Stability and control are vital when driving as they help reduce the risk of road accidents. To achieve these objectives, prioritize suspension upgrades like installing aftermarket coilovers, replacing old shocks and strut tower braces with new ones, and fitting new sway or anti-roll bars. Upgrading your vehicle’s suspension system results in better performance, increased fuel efficiency, improved road safety, and lower repair costs.


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