How To Increase Fuel Efficiency for Your Chevrolet Corvette

Driving a Chevrolet Corvette is a chance to be part of a long history of performance. It has been an icon of American sports cars since it was first introduced in 1953. While it is known for speed and performance, the Corvette has never had a reputation as a fuel-efficient vehicle. Fortunately, some changes can make that a reality. Better yet, updates such as a performance exhaust muffler can also increase horsepower.


Exhaust Systems

Airflow is one of the most important elements of creating a performance vehicle. The engine in your Chevy Corvette needs plenty of air to mix with fuel to make power. Inefficiency in this mixing process also results in poor fuel economy. So, improving your engine’s performance can also help you save money at the pump.

The best exhaust systems for cars and trucks can increase horsepower and torque by around 10%. It also improves fuel efficiency by a similar amount. Even a modest increase in miles per gallon can lead to major savings, especially on premium fuel.

Better yet, the noise made by the right exhaust can be exquisite. Sound is a huge part of the driving experience, especially in a vehicle like a Corvette. When you get the perfect exhaust note, there is no better experience than hearing your engine roar. With a performance exhaust, you can have sound, performance and fuel efficiency. That is a pretty good deal.


Tire Inflation

Your tire inflation plays a huge role in your fuel efficiency. Use the recommended pressure per Chevrolet and your tire manufacturer. In a vehicle like a Corvette, getting the right amount of contact with the road will offer optimal power transfer from your engine to the road surface. Many models of Corvette have wide rear wheels to help with this.

Inefficiency in putting power to the road means that you will need to use more fuel to get the same speed and acceleration. In other words, maintaining the right tire inflation can help you get greater performance and fuel efficiency. Again, that is a win-win situation.


Engine Tuning

Get your engine tuned up from time to time. This is a particularly important concern if your vehicle is a few years old. According to the EPA, fixing issues such as a faulty oxygen sensor can result in a fuel economy increase of up to 40 percent. That is absolutely massive. If your vehicle has become a fuel drain, bring it to a trusted mechanic for a rune up.

The right tune job will also improve performance. Of course, tuning can decrease fuel efficiency when increasing power and speed. So, be mindful of what your goals are when you plan a tune.


Begin Your Upgrade Process

While your Chevy Corvette doesn’t leave much to be improved upon, there is no harm in squeezing out a little extra fuel efficiency. Some simple upgrades such as high-performance Chevy Corvette catalytic converters can dramatically improve your efficiency. Some upgrades can be performed by almost anyone. So, you really have nothing to lose by working on your car and increasing performance and economy.


Hope these top tips help you.  If you have any top tips on how to increase fuel efficiency please let us know in the comments below.


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