3 Consequences Of A Car Accident Other Than Injury

A car accident can have devastating effects on its victims. Accidents can cause serious injuries or even fatalities. Unfortunately, there are more consequences of a car accident than physical pain and injury. A car accident can transform your everyday life and affect your work, finances, and emotional wellbeing. Contact an Illinois car accident attorney to learn more about the legal options you can take to receive compensation for your suffering.

Loss of Work and Loss of Wages

Over 17,000 people were injured in Chicago vehicle accidents in 2016. Many injuries are so serious they cause victims to miss substantial time from school or work while they recuperate. Financial worries—worries like medical expenses and lost paychecks—can cause turmoil in a victim’s life.

If you were injured and missed work, then you can recover compensation for medical expenses and lost income. However, to recover compensation for lost wages, you must prove that your inability to work is due to an injury caused by a car accident. To do this, you need documented medical proof that your injury is so severe that it impairs your work function.

You can seek compensation for any loss of income due to injury. A car accident victim can also receive compensation for the amount of sick leave, personal leave, or vacation time they needed to use while recuperating. Additionally, you can claim compensation for anticipated earnings if you had to reduce your amount of work or can no longer hold a job.

Loss of Transportation

Even a minor car accident will damage a person’s vehicle. In serious accidents, however, a car’s damage could be thousands of dollars. A car could also be totaled and need a complete replacement.

A person will have to do without a vehicle while their car is being repaired. This can lead to a loss of freedom for many people, especially in locations where there is no reliable public transportation. Many people take for granted how easy it is just to get in a car and drive to where they need to go. However, being without a vehicle can present many problems.

Emotional Pain

Most people also experience shock and emotional suffering as a result of a car accident. When someone is injured, they may feel sad that they are not physically able to do things they were able to do before the accident. Some feel lonely and alienated, leading to anxiety or depression.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a possible mental side effect of a vehicle accident. PTSD victims suffer from symptoms such as fear, panic, flashbacks, and nightmares. They may feel too scared to talk about the accident or even to go back into a car. Someone who suffers from PTSD will have to engage in a long course of therapy to alleviate symptoms.

Car Accident Victims can Receive Compensation

It is important to remember that, even though you may be dealing with the effects of a car accident, there is hope. If you or someone you know has been injured, contact a Chicago accident attorney to discuss legal options. They can help you receive what you need to get your life back on track.


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