Top Electric Cars to Purchase in 2022

It is fair to say 2022 is set to be a year of change, as we hope to reach the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are looking to make changes in the new year, then you may decide to switch from a diesel or petrol car to a fully electric vehicle. Nowadays it’s easy to switch cars online companies through websites that state “we buy any car” where you can sell your car and find a new one at the same time. If you haven’t made up your mind yet on whether you want an electric car or which one you’d like, then look no further as we have researched the best electric cars to purchase in the new year, here is what we found.

Benefits of owning an electric car

According to EDF Energy, here are the benefits of owning an electric car in the UK opposed to buying any car that runs on fuel:

· Reduction of noise pollution- electric cars are silent as they do not have a engine which ‘hums’

· Some electric cars can be government funded.

· No charge in city congestion zones- this makes electric cars ideal for city driving.

· Lower running costs- as it is usually cheaper to charge an electric car than it is to purchase fuel.

· Less servicing is required- with electric cars the need for servicing is minimal.

· Better for the environment- This is the main reason why car consumers are being encouraged to buy fully electric vehicles.

Electric SUVs

2022 will see the rise in electric SUVs as the technology which is used to produce electric cars is becoming more sophisticated, which means many car manufacturers are now able to create fully electric SUVs with a decent electric charge range.

Vauxhall Mokka-e

In 2019, we saw the all new electric Corsa and in 2021 we have seen the all new electric Mokka. Gone are the days where the Vauxhall Mokka was a basic SUV, it is now a high tech fully electric car which has an impressive range of 209 miles, which is definitely sufficient for your daily commute to work. The all new Mokka-e is versatile as it can be used as a car for work purposes or it can be used as a reliable family run around vehicle.

Jaguar I-Pace

The British born Jaguar I-Pace is one of the earliest electric vehicles launched in the electric car market. The vehicle is known for its reliability, its classiness and most importantly the sophisticated glamour Jaguars almost seem to

portray. The I-Pace has a mighty electric charge range of 292 miles and if you are looking for a speedy electric car then you will be impressed with the acceleration of 0-60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds.

Ford Mustang Mach-e

The Ford Mustang has never been in the shape of an SUV before, but now it is available as a family sized electric SUV. According to Auto Express the standard Ford Mustang Mach-e has a range of 240 miles and the extended version of the Mach-e has an amazing 379 miles which is ideal for those who like to do lots of long distance driving. It is also important to add that this model is relatively new, so it is ideal for those who are looking for a new innovative model of car.

Tesla Model Y

It is fair to say that Tesla should be included in every top electric car list. This is because Tesla revolutionised the electric car market. They were the leaders in manufacturing modern day electric cars and they are still at the top of their game with the production of fully electric cars. The Model Y is one of Tesla’s SUVs they have for sale and an advantage of owning a Tesla is that you become part of the Tesla charging network which has charging stations all over the UK that can only be used by Teslas. It is also important to add that if you have range anxiety, you don’t need to worry as the range of the Model Y is 315 miles, so once the vehicle is fully charged you can drive until your heart’s content.

Medium sized electric cars

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has always been a very popular choice of electric cars. This is because the car is stylish, sleek, sophisticated and it is mid sized, so it suits the needs of a wide range of people. Like the Model Y the car is innovative and the inboard entertainment system is second to none. The range of the car is around 200 miles according to Auto Car which is OK for those who need a medium sized run around car.

Go Rentals offers the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y as part of their vehicle hire catalogue which is a great way to try it out before you buy.

Vauxhall Corsa-E

The all new electric Corsa has been a hit since its release in 2019. Vauxhall did a complete overhaul with the look and design of the Corsa and the car went from being a modest small car to a medium sized fun car. The electric version of the Corsa was one of the first affordable electric cars out on the market and to this day people still can’t seem to get enough of the electric Corsa. The range on the Corsa is around 222 miles, so it is sufficient for day to day driving or even a daily commute to work.

Volkswagen ID 3

The Volkswagen ID 3 is an all rounder car, it is much bigger than the VW UP and it is especially ideal for families or just for someone who is looking for a comfortable electric car to drive. The interior is modest yet practical and the vehicle has a generous fully charged range of 218 miles, which is fine for everyday short distance driving.

Electric Small/City cars

Whilst electric SUVs are impressive, they are not suitable for everyone. Sometimes drivers need a smaller car to be used for city driving or just day to day living. If you prefer smaller cars and you are interested in our opinion of the best electric smaller cars then look no further as we have some top picks.

Volkswagen-E Up

The Volkswagen-E Up is an identical version of the classic Volkswagen Up. This car in particular is ideal for new drivers as it is small in size and it is very easy to park. Whilst the range on the car is not the widest at 161 miles, it is ideal for short trips and city driving. It is also important to add that the cabin of the vehicle is full of gadgets and mod-cons to keep the driver and passengers entertained during short journeys.

Seat Mii Electric

The Seat Mii Electric is a modest yet highly functional electric city car. The model is very similar to the Volkswagen-E Up as both of the vehicles are produced by the same company, the Seat Mii is slightly more low key in its features than the Volkswagen-E Up, but it is cheaper in price and it is still a very reliable car for city driving and short distance usage. The range of the car is 161 miles which is identica; to the Volkswagen-E Up

Mini Electric

The Mini has always been a leading small car and even a reliable city car. The electric Mini is ideal for those who live in urban areas and those who require a fun, quick car for short journeys. The range on the Mini which is around 145 miles isn’t bad for a small car, so the car can be used sufficiently on short and not so long journeys. The Mini electric’s cabin is packed with the latest technology, Minis are known for their comfort and luxury and the Mini Electric definitely meets that expectation. The Mini is targeted at city drivers and new drivers alike as the car is user friendly and small in size.

Fiat 500 Electric

In recent years the Fiat 500 has been a favourite of young ladies and new drivers in particular. This is because the vehicle is compact in size, but it has enough room to ferry your friends around. The electric version of the Fiat 500 is still just as fun as its original version and this time it even features a 10 inch screen in the cabin of the car for entertainment purposes. The Electric version of the car also has a soft top, so it can be used as a convertible. Fiat really have

re-invented the Fiat 500 in its electric version and we are sure the electric version will be as much of a hit as the petrol/diesel version of the car. The range of the car is 199 miles, which is ideal for those who want to drive round the city and a little bit further.

Final thoughts

The Electric car market has really upped their game in 2021, and in 2022 we expect to see the popularity of electric cars rise even further. Whether you are looking for a SUV, medium sized or small sized cars you can find lots of variations of high-quality vehicles that are available as fully electric vehicles. Find out how much your car is worth today and how much it will cost to switch to an electric vehicle here at Exchange My Car.


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