Our Review of Salon Privé 2021

We attended Salon Privé on Thursday 2nd September 2021. We’ve attended Salon Privé since it’s inception and the show continues to grow and get bigger year by year. Normally the show starts on a Thursday and runs to the Sunday, now the show is running from the Wednesday to the Sunday, and they’ve announced that they will also be doing a Salon Privé in the spring of 2022 in London. This year they also had many of the cars featuring at the show drive into Woodstock at the end of the day which I thought was a great idea as the show continued into the early evening and gave lots of the locals a chance to see the cars. So the show continues to go from strength to strength which is all credit to the Bagley Brothers and those involved in this wonderful event.

Here’s our walk around the show video…

As you can imagine there are quite a few standout cars, as always, but a new feature for this year was a curated collection of cars that Salon Privé I called the red collection. The red collection featured rare and iconic cars that were all red in colour, you can watch our video where we take a walk around all of the cars below and more videos on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like, subscribe or comment as we’d love to hear your thoughts on the cars on show. There really were some special cars in the red collection including a McLaren F1 (The only one in red and originally owned by Michael Andretti), Ferrari 250 GTOLM, a Pagani Zonda, a Pagani Huayra, a Ferrari 275GTB Competizone and many more.

Here’s our red collection video…

On the day we spoke to many people, gathered valuable information and insights. It really is great to speak with so many like-minded and car passionate people. It’s crazy the cost of some of the cars on display. The Pininfarina Battista Anniversario (below) was an electric car on display, they are making five at a cost of £2 million to the consumer and all cars have already been sold. Nuts. A beautiful looking car though, it has to be said.

As always we have put together our top 10 cars from the show that we would like to own or drive in order of preference you can see our top 10 cars from the show here.

We also took a video of the awards ceremony for the day which was the Churchill cup, featuring lots of beautiful cars, and you can see our full video of this below, and more videos on our YouTube channel here, please do like or subscribe.


Salon Privé 2021 as always was a great day out, we had a thoroughly good time, in a relaxed environment and we now do not have to wait 12 months for the next salon Privé, we only have to wait till April for their inaugural Salon Privé spring event.

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