What Is It That Really Keeps You Safe Behind The Wheel?

When we hear about the statistics of car accidents each year, it can be quite a sobering experience. We know that we are open to unpredictable situations on the right while driving, and that not everyone who experiences these problems is at fault, or makes it out unscathed. That’s a sad reality of driving heavy hunks of plastic and metal together. It can sound silly to express the situation in those terms, but it does help us realise just why we should focus on doing our utmost to stay safe.

What does this mean in practice? It means understanding just what it means to stay safe behind the wheel, of constantly ensuring we’re responsible as a driver, and moreover, making sure that we’re up to date with the latest driving regulations.

We can describe every single habit and practice you might be able to follow to ensure your safety, but we can never guarantee 100% success. So – perhaps a better question to ask is ‘what is it that really keeps you safe behind the wheel?’ With that in mind, let’s consider:

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility helps you stay safer than anything else. It’s choosing not to drive when you’re over the legal limit, or taking a taxi when you’re still hungover in the morning. It’s performing breathing exercises and not reacting when someone cuts you up in traffic. It’s in setting ground rules in your car that music needs to be at an acceptable volume, and that you won’t drive people who are overly inebriated. Personal responsibility behind the wheel, even if that’s dealing with your driving stress elsewhere, will keep you safer than anything else.

Practiced Awareness & Attention

Taking the time to focus is essential behind the wheel. It might involve staying calm and collected and keeping your mobile phone on the back seat, rather than checking it every time you come to a traffic light. Practiced awareness can also keep you viewing other vehicles on the road, taking nothing for granted, ensuring that if a situation develops you have the foresight to respond to it. No matter who you are and what car you drive, great perception is always the bulwark of proper safety.

Insight Into The Theory

It’s important to understand that theory is more than just theory, it’s the essential and legal roadmap to driving. We only have to pass the test once in our driving career, but we have to use the knowledge for a lifetime. This means that using Theory Test Learn resources from time to time is essential, no matter if you’re about to take the test or just wishing to update your understanding. As we get older it’s easy to forget the theory, particularly when driving in unusual environments and encountering signs you may not be familiar with. Staying responsible, in this light, could quite literally save lives one day.

With this advice, we hope you can stay safe behind the wheel, through and through.


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