How To Get A Quick Sale On Your Car

At this time of year and especially this year which has been difficult financially for a lot of people many people are trying to find ways to make some extra cash. As many people are now working from home, they have realised that they don’t need their cars or perhaps only need one car in the family. If this sounds like you then selling your car could be a great way to get some money in for Christmas and save on running costs all year round. It will also mean you’re doing your bit for the environment. 

Selling a car can sometimes take a while so if you’re looking for a quick sale then you might want to follow these tips so that you can get rid of them and get rich as soon as possible.

Decide The Best Way To Sell Your Car

Today, when it comes to selling your car there are plenty of options for how you can do it. You could trade it is in a part-exchange deal, sell it for parts, sell it to a company or make a private sale. A private sale will probably take the longest but with a company like Sell My Car Direct, you can do this a lot quicker as they will put your car in front of thousands of potential buyers in seconds. Whichever way you decide then you need to prepare your car. 

Clean your car

You will want to show your car off at its best and the best way to do that makes it look new by cleaning it. You can either do this yourself or have it professionally valeted but either way a clean and shiny car will sell much quicker than a mucky one. Don’t forget to clear out all the little pockets, the glove box, and the door bins too so that you don’t leave any rubbish in there or anything important. This not only attracts more potential buyers but also tells them that you have cared for and looked after the car which is a huge selling point.  

Make Sure Everything’s In Working Condition

As long as you’re not selling for parts, you need to make sure your car is working perfectly before you sell it on. Take it to a garage and get an MOT or service on it and fix anything you need to before you sell it. This is the responsible thing to do and even if you have to spend money on this, you will get it back on the sale because if you didn’t sell it in full working condition, you would have to knock the amount of the price you sell it for. 

Get All The Paperwork In Order

The paperwork which comes with your car is just as important as the car itself, so make sure that you have the logbook, V5 Certificate, spare keys, service history documentation, and MOT certificates and that they are all up to date. If you have all this together then you shouldn’t have any problem with selling your car. 


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