How to Get The Best Price For Your Car

Hoping to upgrade your car, or go with something different? Maybe your kids have left home and you can finally buy the sports car of your dreams, or perhaps you have a baby on the way and need a bigger, more practical vehicle? Maybe you’ve been offered a job that involves commuting- so something comfortable with good fuel economy is needed for your longer journeys? Whatever the situation, if you’re looking to sell your current car you’ll of course want to get the best price for it. Here are some things to consider before listing it. 

Preparing Your Car 

First impressions count, especially when it comes to selling your car. To make sure it shines in the eyes of potential buyers, be sure to give your car a thorough cleaning. Clean it up both inside and out, treat it to a luxurious valet. As well as giving that initial ‘wow factor’ from shining paintwork, a meticulously clean car indicates to buyers that it has been cherished and well-maintained. This can help to prevent silly offers, and show the buyer that you’ve generally taken care of the car which can give them peace of mind about the overall condition of it. 

Tend to Minor Repairs

If you look closely, you might notice that there are lots of small blemishes and imperfections that come along with overall daily driving and wear and tear. Minor dents, scratches, or foggy headlight bulbs that might diminish the overall appeal of your car. Paying attention to these small details can significantly boost its market value and appeal.

Get the Documentation Together

Buyers will want to know exactly what you’ve had done to the car, so gather all your maintenance records, service receipts and relevant documents. This shows the diligent care you’ve given your car, and gives peace of mind that important parts have been replaced along the way and are therefore less likely to break as soon as the buyer parts with their cash. Get in the habit of keeping any receipts and evidence from garages whenever you get work done. And have your car serviced regularly as it will mean a better price when you come to sell. 

Set the Pricing

Speaking of pricing, determining the right asking price is really important when you’re looking to attract serious buyers and ensure you get a fair value for your car. Do your research by looking at online classifieds, auction results and dealerships like Greendale Car Sales to understand the current market conditions for your specific make, model and year of car. Be sure to take into account your car’s mileage and overall condition when you’re setting the asking price, as low mileage and a well cared for cars will fetch higher prices. Highlight any unique selling points your car has, such as advanced technology, recent upgrades or luxurious extras. These features can justify a slightly higher asking price and set your car apart from the competition.

Get the Ad Right

Finally, once the asking price is set, it’s time to create an advertisement that will grab the attention of potential buyers. Your photos matter, so spend time here or enlist the help of a professional to capture stunning images that showcase your car’s best angles. Highlight both the exterior and interior, paying attention to the important details that make your car unique. Craft a compelling and honest description that highlights the car’s best features, recent maintenance, and any extras that come with it. Be transparent and thorough as this will prevent any awkward situations or buyers trying to haggle too much when they see the car in person. 


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