5 Modifications to Transform your Ordinary Car into a Sports Car

Every sports car enthusiast has a desire to own a speed monster. While others buy such cars, others opt for unearthing the hidden speedster potential of ordinary cars through modifications. Transforming aftermarket performance parts is a popular hobby with rich rewards. In most cases, car modification is a labour of love that requires careful consideration of the base specifications of the targeted car.

Getting Sporty with an Ordinary Car

Turning ordinary into sporty is also a daunting task that requires the right mindset and proper preparation. Every improvement must align with your desires and the overall performance. The following specific modifications will help you achieve your dream of owning a sports car:

Upgrade the air filters

Best drift cars are renowned for their high performance. These cars have high-flow cabin air filters that significantly increase air intake and overall speed and mileage. Upgrading your filters improves your ordinary car, yet it is one of the easiest and cheapest modifications. In most cases, you won’t need professional help as basic mechanics knowledge will suffice. While at it, upgrade the exhaust to improve engine performance. 


Electronic gadgets and equipment are the symbolic features of sports cars. Devices make these cars user-friendly, adding a sense of class and comfort. High-end mobile stands, navigation screens, speakers, and touchscreens will give your ordinary car a sporty feel. Other modifications include digital clocks, cameras, and a hands-free communication system that will also give your car a luxury touch. These improvements will re-energize your desire to use the car while also increasing its market value.

Improve the lights

Sports cars are renowned for their razzle-dazzle lights. Lights are both functional and esthetical and customised to give your car an edgy and personalised aura. Add fashionable, appealing, and flavoured back and headlights that speaks to your personality. Tint the lights and accessorize with headlight covers for the ultimate sporty look. Consider using LED lights for an all-round interior lighting atmosphere. However, always make sure that your car lighting doesn’t violate local laws.  

Modify the interiors

Sports cars come with unique seat covers, pedals, floor mats, and steering wheels. Therefore, remove those rubber or plastic floor mats that are non-absorbent and add soft, colored, customized, and absorbent mats. Brighten your mundane car by adding personalized steering wheel covers. If possible, replace the steering wheel and pedals with sporty ones. Metal pedals are sportier and speak of exquisite taste. Give your ordinary car a classy makeover by adding colour and a leathery feel to the seat covers.

Accessorise and upgrade the wheels and rims

Add customised rims and protectors, tires, and spacers to give your mundane car a low and sportier touch. However, don’t go overboard when customising the rims and tires to minimise the risks of accidents.

Bottom Line

Modification of cars is a long-held tradition, with many people turning it into a hobby. If you have a mundane car that you plan on transforming into a sports car, take inventory of what needs overhauling. Remember that sports cars should be more colorful even as you chip away the old parts and replace them with sportier accessories.  

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