Our Top Ten Cars from the 2019 Concours of Elegance

Looking back at the 2019 Concours of Elegance we were hard pressed to choose our top ten. Especially when every car is amazing and so deserving, at this event I could have done a top 100, and still left out cars that I did not want to.
Here are our top ten cars from the 2019 Concours of Elegance. A wonderful day out, with 100s of cars to view, many very rare and cars I’ve never seen before, which is why I love it so much.
These are in order of what I loved the most…
Absolutely stunning.  Anyone that does not think this is art, a car of beauty, in opinion needs to see a doctor.  Love it.
One, if not the most beautiful car ever made, in out opinion.
What a cool car.  Mental.  Polished aluminium body, and the most flamboyant Silver ghost ordered by a man that owned 25 of those Rolls-Royces.  Like 1 or 2 was not enough.  Check out the four shot guns, two either side of front passenger and drivers doors.  Nuts.
What more is there to say about this iconic and legendary car.  The fastest naturally aspirated  road car ever built.
This is a GP winning, brightly painted racing car that we love.  We’d so very much like to drive this.
1928 Minerva AF Transformable Town Car by Hubbard & Darrin
Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, war and art, was also Belgium’s finest ever car maker, and what a shame the’re not still making cars today.  This is one very cool car.
Now I’ve seen a lot of Miura’s, but never one in champagne.  Very striking and we like it a lot.  Cool.
 of elegance
1948 Delahaye 175 S Grand Luxe Chapron.
Blue (41)
1987 RUF CTR ‘Yellowbird’.
Yellow (27)
1936 Stout Scarab
That’s 10 cool and beautiful cars, well they got my attention.  Did you attend?  What were your favourite cars?, but so many more I loved, so check out the gallery at the top of the page, and all our pictures on our facebook album.


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