Our Top 10 Greatest Concept Cars

Concept cars are beautiful and fascinating mainly because they don‘t follow safety regulations, they don‘t have to be efficient and they don‘t even have to be comfortable or practical. They can be anything the manufacturer wants them to be. Essentially, concept cars are what happens when the car industry lets its imagination run wild. They are used as a platform to showcase a new design direction for a company or reveal future technology that will reach production in later years.

We take a look back at the top 10 greatest concept cars that attracted our attention and appreciation over the past 12 months:

Bentley EXP 100 GT

Celebrated as the future of Bentley Motors, the ‘EXP 100 GT’ conceptualizes a future for luxury mobility that is sustainable, autonomous and electric. This car’s beautifully formed interior and exterior reimagines grand touring. It is a future that richly intertwines zero emissions, sustainable materials and highly advanced technologies.

BMW Vision M

The BMW Vision M Next Concept with unique colour blocking at both ends the concept distinguishes itself visually from the i8. The front and rear portions of the vehicle, finished in a bright Orange paint job, pop against the rest of the concept’s Silver metallic paintwork.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The Vision AVTR provides a look at how a vehicle could be designed for the far-out Avatar world. If you can believe it, the Vision AVTR combines your Fitbit with your car! It can read your pulse and sense your breathing. The four wheels light up and can pivot to make the car crab walk sideways, perfect for those who struggle to parallel park.

Sony Vision-S concept

No, Sony is not entering the car manufacturing business — at least, not anytime soon. But what better way for Sony to showcase its new connected car platform than to put it into a fully baked vehicle. Called Vision-S, this concept packs a number of technologies that can be used in new electric vehicles. Some 33 sensors are embedded around the car, to detect people and other vehicles, and inside, Sony’s 360 Reality Audio offers an incredible sound experience, complete with speakers built into the seats.

Mercedes- Benz EQS

Following the EQC – the brand’s first production electric car, the Mercedes-Benz vision EQS highlights their future for green, luxury mobility. Sustainability is interwoven within the elegant, two-toned car design, from both the craftsmanship of the sculptural exterior and interior forms through to its innovative services.

DS X-ETense

What an incredibly unique car. Following renders in 2018, DS automobile’s vision for motoring in 2035 has just got more real. The French automakers gave the public a first look at its DS X E-tense concept supercar, an electric drive housed in a futuristic, asymmetric body. The X E-tense is a thousand-kilowatt (1,360 hp) front-wheel-drive with a carbon fiber chassis. Its most eye-catching design element, however, is the asymmetric shape that puts its driver out in the wind but keeps the passenger enclosed.

Hyundai 45 EV

Hyundai pays homage to their coupe with its new self-driving concept car, unveiled at IAA 2019 in frankfurt. The ’45 EV’ puts a twist on the 1974 icon which helped establish the brand’s design DNA. The concept not only references the number of years since the pony coupe but also the 45-degree angles at the front and rear of the car’s exterior.

GFG Style Kangaroo

Would you believe the car you see here is being called an SUV? Well, it may not look like one – but it matches the acronym perfectly. The GFG Style Kangaroo is a Sports Utility Vehicle in the truest sense of the phrase – it is sporty, and it has an adjustable suspension that can give it a max ground clearance of 260mm if needed for going fast off-road – making it a fast utilitarian vehicle! Those sharp front splitters can retract to improve approach angles, while an all-electric powertrain gives it enough torque to traverse big obstacles too. This is just a concept study for now and is unlikely to be green-lit for production anytime soon.

Italdesign DaVinci Concept

This is one of those designs which blows your mind. The Italdesign DaVinci Concept aims to be an all-rounder, just like the legendary person it is named after. It is a four-seater, all-electric, AWD, two-door coupe which can also be modified to fit a V8 powertrain, says Italdesign. The company hopes some car manufacturer with deep pockets can adapt this design into their portfolio as it is currently only a design study.

Piëch Mark Zero

The Piëch Mark Zero is like a mix between an Aston Martin and a Jaguar but with an electric-car twist to it, the first product by a the new electric company. The car has some unique features from the air-cooled battery, rather than water-cooled in traditional EVS to the astonishing weight of only 1800kg! Fast charging also helps charge the batteries quickly. The company plans to introduce more models int he next three years, though a production plan has not been set.


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