Our Top 10 Favourite Cars at the 2017 Donington Historic Festival

Here are our top 10 cars from the 2017 Donington Historic Festival, in no particular order.  If you went to this wonderful event maybe you have a different opinion.  If so, let us know in the comments below what were your top 10 cars, or alternatively you favourite car mentioned here.  Also take look at our Postcard from the 2017 Donington Historic Festival where we talk through the event from our perspective.


1965 Jaguar E-Type “Lightweight”

What’s not to love?  Just look at it. A true thing of beauty.

Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (57)


Ferrari Dino racing car

Anyone know this model.  Certainly is a beauty.Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (63)


1969 Lola T70 Mk3B

Love the shape and the colour, and what a racing car.Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (66)


1963 Aston Martin DP214

Just look at those line, and it’s an Aston which helps.  Love it.Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (83)


Porsche 911 2.7 RS

One beautiful looking car.Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (9)


Porsche 911 Flatnose

Love the flatnose.  This was a bedroom poster for me as a kid.  Awesome.Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (3)


Austin Mini Cooper S

A personal favourite and one I will have in the car colleaction one day.  Super cool classic car.Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (35)


Aston Martin DB6

Enough said.Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (38)


Ford GT40

All time classic and a beautiful racer.  I’ll settle for a replica in the car collection one day.Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (81)

Bristol 406 GT (Zagato)

The only one in existance apparently (though Wikipedia says 6 were made), and what a beauty.  We love the Zagatos.

Donington-Historic-festival-2017 (84)

So that’s our top 10.  What do you think?  What car do you love most?


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