Win a pair of tickets to Race Retro 2014.

We are delighted to confirm that we will be offering 5 pairs of tickets to this years Race Retro to be held at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry from Friday 21st  to Sunday 23rd February 2014. If this event is anything like last years wonderful show, it’s an event not to be missed by any classic car, historic motorsport or rally fans.Race-Retro-Logo

So if you did not make it to Autosport International, then what better to get your 2014 motorsport season off to a great start at Race Retro 2014!

To grab yourself a pair of complimentary tickets to this wonderful event simply by leaving a comment below highlighting why you’d love to go and/ or your favourite rally car or a rally experience that you’ve had.  The better the story/ reason the more likely you are to win.

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12 comments on "Win a pair of tickets to Race Retro 2014."

  • Andy Faulkner says:

    How frustrating! I was attempting to edit my post when it went! Was trying to add “A largely amateur field had variety that modern motor sport can no longer offer. Historic motor sport excepted of course! And that’s why I love events like Race Retro.”

  • Andy Faulkner says:

    An opportunity to save £50 is one not to be sniffed at so here goes…
    I was looking at the Race Retro website and having my ageing grey matter stimulated, which led to a cascade of memories. So surfing through flikr I discovered a set of 60s and 70s Rallying photos by “Fin du Voyage”.
    I can remember standing for hours in the cold and mud that only an old WW2 airfield can supply, watching the RAC Rally of 1969. The cars were bouncing off hay bales and the odd gate post as they slithered up hill on the service road running parallel to Abbey Curve. Yes, this was Silverstone. I was 11 years old and watching my first rally. The entry lists were huge in those days. Hundreds of cars of all shapes, sizes, and configurations. A largely amat
    I don’t remember the cold. I don’t remember the wind. Though the photos of overcoated spectators and flying flags show evidence of both…
    Nostalgia. The best thing about growing old!!

  • Tim sawyer says:

    My best rally experience has to standing in the dalby wood yard on the RAC rally in 2010, I say dalby because you could of been mistake in thinking you were stood in Sweden because there was a think covering of snow everywhere. In the black on the night you could hear the unmissable sound of a bda struggling for grip and then through the trees you could see the first glimpse of the spot lights coming towards you picking up the snow as it continues to fall and then a mk2 escort tentivly appears from between the trees lighting up the whole wood yard and then you see the whole place light up and you see just how many other people are stood there. The camera flashs are just as bright as the 4 cibie on the front of the car, before you know it all you can see are 2 red lights disappear in the distance and the smell of castrolR mixed with hot mud lingers in the cold night air. Then in the distance you can hear another car but this time its different, this time its a lancia stratos …..

  • Paul Fowler says:

    I never knew this was on and found out about it through an auction site. I must say its so really exciting with a full days variety. The live stage would give me a chance to experience the thrills of a rally stage, something missing from my motor sport portfolio. It is also an ideal opportunity to introduce my grand child to the delights and heritage of what the automobile has to offer. I cant pick a favourite car, suffice to say they are numerous. At a push I would have to favour a Mk1 escort of any type.Sounds like a great day, thank you for your consideration. Kind regards Paul

  • Vaughan Dee says:

    I would absolutely love to go to Race Retro this year and take my Dad along too! I went a few years ago and it was a fantastic event and local aswell! The range of Classics was just superb and it was a very well attended show so can only imagine it has grown in popularity even more now so will bigger and better. I love seeing all the old classic racing cars as much as the newer ones and it would certainly take my Dad back to his youth!

  • Paul says:

    I would to take my dad as he is starting to suffer from dimentia but still loves to get out and about. He has just turned 70 and would love to see the old cars again.

    Best rally experience was being taken to the wilds of Scotland as a kid, by my parents. Early one morning we were woken up by lots of cars racing past, even though it was the middle of nowhere. After a while we realised that it was the RAC Rally of Great Britain going past the front door. Great view of some great cars, including the one which broke down outside and needed help. This started my passion for Motorsport.

    Favourite Rally car has to be the Lancia stratos. Just a great looking car.

  • Lisa Wroe says:

    I’d love to go as I’ve never made it to this event before but have heard rave reviews. I love all things automotive and would love to experience this! My favourite rally car is the Quattro, however I’ve driven a Mitsubishi Evo on a rally stage experience day before which was awesome!

  • ayla brassington says:

    I’d love to win tickets to Race Retro 2014 because my boyfriend loves car racing and it’s his 21st birthday in March. This could be an early birthday present for him! I’m at college full time, so I don’t earn any money atm and the only thing he keeps asking for is something to do with cars! This would be amazing for him, and he’d never expect it from me because I can’t afford to get him anything like this! 🙂

  • Simon Oakley says:

    My favourite rally car of all time is the rs200 and the closest I have ever got to one is on Gran Tourismo so I would love to see one in the flesh . Also I am new to serious photography so this would make a great even for me to learn action shots .

  • Will says:

    Wow, I’d love to win a pair of tickets to this. Never been before but would love to treat my Dad. He’d love something like this. He works so hard and is getting old. His Dad never took him to events like this but he watched it on TV.

    His birthday is on the 15th February so would make for a great present.

  • Chris Lunn says:

    Been to the Race Retro for the last couple of years and have to say its gets better and better! The show both in the halls and on the rally stage has a great feel and you can literally bump into famous faces at almost every turn. There is something for everyone who has petrol in their veins and appreciates the rich history that motorsport in the UK has. Add in the sight and sound of historic rally cars being given the beans on the stage and it has to be a must! Love to go again 🙂

  • Lotusgirl says:

    I’d love to win tickets to Race Retro 2014 because,honestly I didn’t know it existed, and it’s only 4 miles away from my birth town and the history of Alvis, Standard Triumph (where my late father used to work), Humber, Peugeot, Jaguar and the great car manufacturing industry that made the Midlands GREAT. To win tickets would be a FANTASTIC treat for me and Speedy, especially for me though!!

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