Now that’s what I call a beautiful car garage! Part 7.

Here is another beautiful car garage, attached to what looks like a beautiful house.

The lucky owner of this garage has great taste, housing two of my favourite Maserati’s, the Granturismo and the rare MC12.

This is one of my favourite garages that I have come across so far, it’s slick, has clean lines, with enough space to truly appreciate the beautiful cars which it houses.

What do you think of this garage?  Have you come across any other garages worth a mention on our website, let me know:


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One thought on "Now that’s what I call a beautiful car garage! Part 7."

  • John says:

    The best garage I’ve seen yet in the series. It is just as refined, and worthy of the the cars it houses. This is great inspiration for me. Gorgeous cars as well, a true Maserati enthusiast! Well you could tell with such amazing taste, the garage would be spectacular!


If I had a billion pounds to spend on cars, what would I buy?

The beautiful Maserati 300S.

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