What’s the most beautiful Ferrari F1 car ever?

I’m always looking at cars and thinking what’s great about them, why I would want to own or drive them, probably much like you.  However, I thought the other day, after watching the movie grand prix, what is the most beautiful grand prix car ever?  Now this probably involves more research time than I can give right now, so I thought I would look at Ferrari, given they are the only marque to compete in every grand prix season, period.

Now I’ll start in a controversial way from the outset, I will dismiss all cars after 1970, when I believe that the cars started to look more like engineering exercises than objects of beauty.  So this leaves us with all Ferrari Grand Prix cars pre-1970 to look at.

In no particular order the cars that I think can state a claim to being the most beautiful Ferrari grand prix car of all time include:

1.  Ferrari 125 F1 (1948)

Top speed: 260 km/ h

2.  Ferrari 275 F1 (1950)

Top speed: 280 km/ h

3.  Ferrari 340 F1 (1950)

Top speed: 300 km/ h


4.  Ferrari 375 F1 (1950)

Top speed: 320 km/ h


5.  Ferrari 553 F1 (1954)

Top speed: 280 km/ h

6.  Ferrari 625 F1 (1954)

Top speed: 270 km/ h

7.  Ferarri 801 F1 (1957)

Top speed: 280km/ h

8.  Ferrari 246 F1 (1958)

Top speed: 280 km/ h

9.  Ferrari 256 F1 (1959)

Top speed: 280 km/ h


So, what’s my conclusion, well I think they all stand out as beautiful grand prix cars.  If I had to choose one I would say the Ferrari 625 F1 (1954).  What do you think is the most beautiful Ferrari F1 car ever?


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4 comments on "What’s the most beautiful Ferrari F1 car ever?"

  • Will Wynn says:


    The Ferrari 340 F1 is certainly a great looking car. Here’s more detail on it from the Ferrari website: http://formula1.ferrari.com/cars/340-f1.

    Best regards


  • Roberto says:

    Enzo’s famous phrase: the most beautiful Ferrari, is the one that win’s the race.

    The Ferrari 340 F1 from 1950 is the most sexy to me.


  • Will Wynn says:


    Without doubt the Ferrari Dino 156 F1 (1961) is one of the most iconic racecar shapes and one of the most distinctive of all Ferraris. Phil Hill won the 1961 World Championship of Drivers and Ferrari secured the 1961 International Cup for F1 Manufacturers, both victories achieved with the 156.

    As with all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  • Clint Ashcroft says:

    I’m gonna throw in the Ferrari Dino 156 F1 (1961). May not be to everyones taste, but a thing of sheer beauty as far as I’m concerned!

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