Car Heaven Awaits at the Practical Classic Car & Restoration Show 2024

Dust off your flat caps and polish your goggles, as the mother of all classic car shows is revving up. Forget dreary spreadsheets and dull commutes, because the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show is your ticket to a petrol-fueled paradise. Kicking off on Friday 22nd March and running until Sunday 24th March, it will be an unforgettable weekend, and one that we don’t want you to miss. So here’s a little gift from us; we’re once again giving you the chance to win tickets!

Imagine rows upon rows of 1,000+ automotive beauties, stretching impossibly far like a chrome-plated mirage. Humble Austins and Fords nudge shoulders with glistening Ferraris and growling Jags. Each one will be a time capsule bursting with motoring memories. It’s a motorhead’s metallic dream state of chrome, leather, and the guttural growl of classic engines. It’s guaranteed to set your inner gearhead tingling like a perfectly-timed ignition spark.

Midas Owners Club

This Year’s Highlights

So, what have you got to look forward to this year? The highlights of the upcoming show pulsate with the very lifeblood of the classic car scene. Wander through the vibrant heart of the event, where 150+ car clubs buzz with passionate owners. Their faces are sure to be etched with grease smudges and tales of triumphant restorations. Get lost in the infectious camaraderie, swap tips on everything from sourcing elusive parts to coaxing life back into a rusty relic. This is where legends are born, one oily handshake and shared love of all things vintage at a time.

Barn Find Display

Speaking of projects, this show’s your one-stop shop for inspiration and know-how. Let your jaw drop at the “Barn Find Display,” a quirky collection of dusty diamonds awaiting their second act. Imagine the stories these weathered beauties whisper if you listen closely. And if you’re dreaming of turning that rusty shell in your garage into a gleaming showstopper, here’s the place to learn how. 250+ exhibitors are here to answer your every wish and query. They’ll be peddling every tool, part, and service your wrench-wielding heart desires. From gleaming new chrome bumpers to the perfect shade of nitrocellulose paint, this treasure trove caters to every restoration whim.

Classics Car Award

Restoration Workshop

Hungry for hands-on? Dip your fingers into the Restoration Workshop, where experts with calloused hands and mischievous grins spill their secrets. Get ready to learn about panel-beating, paint-perfecting, and even lead-loading (the automotive kind, thankfully). No restoration novice need feel intimidated – every session is designed to equip you with the skills to bring your classic dream back to life. And when your hands are begging for a break from the grease, take a spin in a dazzling classic courtesy of Sporting Bears. Let the wind whip through your hair as you roar around the grounds. Your generous donation will bring smiles to children’s faces and add a touch of altruism to your automotive adventure.

Celebrities Aplenty

Throughout the weekend, the show explodes with enough petrol-powered excitement to make your engine purr. Eye-catching car competitions will test the prowess of both machine and mechanic, while celebrity appearances add a touch of star power to the proceedings. And if you’re feeling lucky, why not test your bidding skills at the Classic Car Auction? You might just drive home with the pride and joy you’ve been searching for (or even sell your own beloved beaut to a new admirer). And lastly, don’t miss the National Car Club Awards, where the unsung heroes of the classic scene are rightfully celebrated. Witness the dedication, the passion, and the endless hours poured into preserving these automotive treasures.

Free Ticket Giveaway

The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show is a celebration of passion, history, and the sheer joy of getting your hands dirty and breathing life back into automotive legends. It’s a must-have experience for any car enthusiast, so that’s why we’re giving away tickets here. After you’ve entered come back here to share your classic car dreams and restoration nightmares in the comments below.


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