Our Look Ahead to the Race Retro 2024 Car Show

Forget Netflix binges and lukewarm pints, the weekend of 23rd – 25th February 2024 will be a white-knuckled blur of screeching tires and retro racers revving their engines. It’s time once again for Race Retro, where the motorsport magic of yesteryear collides with the adrenaline rush of the season ahead.

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So what exactly will you lucky winners be experiencing? Under one roof, you’ll find thousands of motorheads like yourself, all anticipating the smorgasbord of cars awaiting them. Drivers, mechanics, traders, and fans – it’s a melting pot of motorsport madness, from Formula whizzes to rally ruffians and everything in between. Whether you’re a circuit demon prepping for pole position or a weekend warrior tinkering with your trusty banger, Race Retro’s got your fix.

Imagine rows upon rows of iconic racers, legends gleaming under the spotlights. From rallying beasts still spitting gravel to sleek GT warriors purring with chrome-kissed menace, this automotive museum pulsates with history. Need fuel for your passion? Dive into the trader halls, a treasure trove of motorsport needs. Medicals, racing suits, that elusive carburetor gasket – it’s all there, waiting to equip your automotive adventures.


But Race Retro isn’t just about gawping at gorgeous cars, though there’s plenty of that. Get ready to put your heart rate into the red zone with the live Rallying with Group B. Over 140 ex-works and WRC monsters unleashed on two pulse-pounding rally stages, spitting fire and sideways action like it’s going out of style. And guess what? You can shotgun in! Buckle up for a G-force-defying passenger ride that’ll leave you grinning like a lunatic for weeks.

If nostalgia’s your fuel, buckle up for a history trip. From tales told by racing legends on the live stage to exhibits showcasing bygone eras, Race Retro’s a time machine for driving devotees. Witness the evolution of speed, the triumphs and tragedies, the grease-stained heroes who carved their names into the asphalt tapestry.

That gives you a taste of what’s in store, but let’s dive deeper into the heart of the show with its hottest highlights:

Iconic Racing & Classic Cars

Prepare to be floored by a chrome-plated array of iconic racers. From rally beasts spitting gravel to sleek GT warriors purring with menace, these are living legends right in front of you. Get up close, soak in the history, and feel the spirit of speed thrumming beneath your fingertips.

Live Rally Stage

Forget watching WRC on telly – get your heart hammering on the tarmac. The Reis Live Rally Stage will deliver over 140 Group A, B, and WRC monsters to unleash their fury on two pulse-pounding rally runs. And guess what? You can join the party. Shotgun a passenger ride and feel the G-forces pinning you to your seat as these automotive powerhouses dance sideways through the air.


Motorsport Legends in Interview

Crave tales of daring overtakes and smoky triumphs? Rub shoulders with motorsport royalty as legends share their stories on the live stage. Hear about hair-raising moments, near misses, and the sheer grit that carved their names into racing history. It’s front-row access to motorsport legends, served with a side dish of goosebumps.

Race Series & Clubs

Meet the lifeblood of the motorsport community. From circuit demons prepping for battle to rally speed demons taming the wilderness, these clubs are where passion gets poured into petrol. Chat with enthusiasts, discover lesser-known racing series, and feel the infectious camaraderie that fuels the motorsport spirit.

Rally Passenger Rides

Remember that heart-in-your-mouth passenger ride we mentioned? Yeah, it’s happening. Seatbelt up with experienced rally pilots and prepare for a wild rollercoaster through cones, bumps, and sideways action. This is the real deal, served with a healthy dose of tyre smoke and white knuckles.

Exhibitors & Traders

Need that elusive carburetor gasket, a flame-retardant onesie, or perhaps a vintage steering wheel for your project car? Race Retro’s trader halls are your automotive Aladdin’s Cave. Browse hundreds of exhibitors catering to every motorsport need and fancy, from race suits to medicals, tools to vintage parts. Fuel your passion, equip your dreams, and leave with a car boot full of gearhead goodies.


Pride of the Paddock

Think your lovingly restored banger or track-prepped racer deserves the spotlight? Enter the “Pride of the Paddock” competition and let the judges drool over your automotive masterpiece. Glory, bragging rights, and a trophy await the winner – think you’ve got what it takes?

Iconic Auctioneers

Dust off your bidding paddles because the Iconic Auctioneers are here to vend a torrent of automotive treasures. From rare memorabilia to legendary race cars, this is your chance to snag a piece of motorsport history for your garage (or living room wall). Just don’t blame us if your bank account whimpers in protest.

HERO-ERA Training Academy

New to the motorsport scene or a rusty gearhead craving a refresher? Dive into the HERO-ERA Training Academy’s workshops and seminars. These expert-led sessions cover everything from racecraft and car control to navigation and rally techniques. Get the skills, the confidence, and the knowledge to compete with the best.

Historic Kart Showcase

Prepare to witness the pint-sized fury of historic karts. Watch the British Historic Kart Club tear up their dedicated stage, proving that sometimes, the smallest engines pack the biggest punch. Remember your childhood go-karting days? Prepare to have those memories amplified to ear-splitting, tyre-squealing glory.

HERO-ERA Retro Classic Tour

Fancy a scenic Sunday cruise with a twist of automotive heritage? Join the HERO-ERA Retro Classic Tour and roll through 100 miles of picturesque Oxfordshire roads in a fleet of classic beauties. It’s more than just a pleasant drive – it’s a rolling museum, a chrome-plated ode to the joy of motoring.


Scrutineering & Race Licence Medicals

Ever wondered what happens before the roar of the engines? Witness the meticulous pre-race checks at the Scrutineering area, where rally cars are inspected down to the last bolt. And if you’re dreaming of hitting the track yourself, get your Race Licence Medicals sorted on-site – no need for separate appointments, just fuel your passion and hit the tarmac running.

We loved Race Retro last year and want to give you the chance to win tickets in this year’s giveaway.

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We hope to see you there, joining us at this petrol-infused pilgrimage. We’d love to hear from you. Did you go to last year’s show? Will this year be your first time? What highlight are you most looking forward to? Share your motorsport memories and expectations in the comments below.


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