Lancia’s Resurgence Paves the Way for an Electrifying Future

In the dynamic world of automotive evolution, a distinctly Italian revolution is unfolding at Lancia, spearheaded by the groundbreaking Pu+Ra HPE concept. While industry giants like Fiat, Peugeot, Dodge, and Jeep dominate the landscape, Lancia, part of the Premium Cluster, emerges as a hidden gem; a brand rich in tradition, heritage, and history.

As the automotive industry races towards electrification, Lancia’s strategic choice to focus on is Italianita — a fusion of flair, emotion, and positive gut feeling — takes centre stage. The Pu+Ra HPE concept, with its bold and polarising design, signals a departure from the brand’s troubled past and sets the stage for a captivating future.

Inside the Pu+Ra HPE, sophistication meets futurism with a fully digitised driver environment, hinting at a potential self-driving future. Chief Designer Jean-Pierre Ploué affirms the incorporation of Lancia’s new design DNA, paying homage to iconic models like the HPE, Stratos, and Delta. “All the cues of our new design DNA are already in place – the T-pattern front-end graphics, the trad round tail lights, the flush large-diameter wheels and the airy greenhouse with the wraparound back light. Not to forget select subtle signature elements which are a nod to the HPE, Stratos and Delta.”

Looking ahead, the brand’s commitment to Italian elegance combined with functional simplicity takes shape in the form of the new Ypsilon, the first in Lancia’s lineup. This compact hatchback, based on the eCMP platform, promises a fusion of aerodynamics, compact design, and hybrid and electric powertrains.

Lancia’s future roadmap reveals a strategic alignment with Stellantis’ STLA platforms, introducing innovations like lightweight electric motors and a range of battery sizes. The anticipated coupe-SUV, Aurelia, is set to debut in 2026, promising a mix of high-end design and crossover practicality.

The reimagined Delta, expected in 2028, taps into the STLA Medium platform, signalling a wider, lower, and sportier direction for Lancia. With a focus on driver-centric features, digital instrumentation, and high-performance options, Lancia aims to make a bold statement in the competitive automotive landscape.

Lancia Pu+Ra HPE Left Side

The grand finale in Lancia’s ambitious plan is the Gamma, or New Thema, set to complete the range in 2030. Drawing inspiration from the STLA Large components set, the Thema envisions an elegant, sporty, and sophisticated GT/saloon hybrid, ready to compete with the best in the luxury electric vehicle segment.

Lancia’s 10-year strategic plan, emphasising “effortless electrification with a twist,” and a commitment to a highly personalised customer experience, suggests a brand renaissance backed by Stellantis’ support. As Lancia seeks to exorcise the ghosts of its past, a renewed focus on quality, presentation, and dynamic performance, coupled with a unique blend of charge times, range, and consumption, positions the brand for a triumphant return.

In a landscape where differentiation relies on emotional roots and user experience, Lancia’s bold approach may just carve a niche of its own, transforming an almost forgotten brand into a force to be reckoned with. We cannot wait to see these cars in the flesh.


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