Who Makes Britain’s Best Luxury Car? The Rolls Royce Spectre

Aston Martin, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce are the first brands that spring to mind when considering Britain’s most luxurious cars. Our first contestant will be Rolls Royce’s latest majestic motor, a work of art from the poshest marque in Britain. Hold onto your perfectly tailored driving gloves, because the Rolls-Royce Spectre is here, and it’s making a grand entrance into the electric future. 

Rolls Royce has swapped the rumble of petrol for the hush of electrons, and it’s caused a bit of an automotive storm. I had the chance to take an exclusive peek at this ultra-luxe masterpiece, and trust me, it’s a game-changer.

Rolls Royce Spectre Front Left

Now, before you start expecting a standard car review, hold your horse-power. Rolls-Royce customers are not exactly what you’d call commoners. They don’t wait for reviews, they’ve already ordered so many Spectres that it’s booked solid until the middle of 2025. I mean, imagine casually saying, “Darling, let’s pop down to the showroom and pick up a Spectre, shall we?” It’s a life that’s beyond our petrolhead dreams.

So, what’s the fuss all about? Well, the Spectre is more than just a fully electric Rolls. It’s a statement, a bold stride into a future that’s whispering about sustainability while dressed in exquisite luxury. This isn’t just another EV; it’s the first from the modern Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd, a direct descendant of the iconic duo that brought us the Silver Ghost, a legend carved into automotive history.

Picture a colossal coupe that could probably rival small cruise ships in sheer size. It’s got that unmistakable grille and a bonnet that’s more imposing than a British palace. But it’s not just about looks; beneath that grandeur, the Spectre houses a beastly battery, and let’s not forget the motor’s control electronics, which could probably double as a pretty decent floating island.

Rolls Royce Spectre Driver's Cabin

Now, when you settle into the captain’s throne (yes, captain, because this is no ordinary car), you’ll find that silence has been embraced with a kind of reverence usually reserved for royal libraries. Double glazing wraps you in a cocoon of peace so complete, it’s like having your own personal Zen garden on wheels. Rolls-Royce even had to dial in some ambient noise because the prototypes made test drivers feel like they’d suddenly entered the Twilight Zone.

But it’s not just about serenity; this thing can move, with an 80 percent charge offering a solid 265 miles, and a claimed range of 329 miles. Now, range anxiety? Forget about it, my friends. Rolls-Royce owners don’t fret about how far they can go; they’re more concerned about whether they’ll take their jet, boat, or helicopter if they need to go beyond 300 miles in a day. Decisions, decisions, right?

The Spectre is an exercise in engineering brilliance. The ride is a paradox – stunningly comfortable yet marvellously controlled. You’ll cruise along in a world of your own, enjoying the sheer lack of those pesky driving imperfections, like vibrations and noise. It’s like boating on a millpond, or having a turbulence-free flight, but on land.

Driving the Spectre is, well, an experience in itself. It’s an unrelenting pleasure to drive, a monumental reminder that the greatest luxury is having tasks taken off your plate. No Sport mode, no endless customisations, just pure, unadulterated opulence, coupled with the simplicity of a properly brewed cup of tea. And speaking of tea, the price? Rolls-Royce isn’t one to shout about numbers, but you’re looking at something around £260,000, maybe more depending on how lavish you go.

Rolls Royce Spectre Back Left

In a world where other carmakers are struggling to transport their heritage into an electric future, Rolls-Royce seems to have cracked the code. The Spectre is the epitome of electric elegance, the new luxury benchmark, the Rolls-Royce of the future, and it’s got a name that resonates with its past. 

It’s quiet, it’s classy, it’s colossal, it’s rewriting the electric luxury playbook, and it’s already won the hearts (and wallets) of those who know that sometimes, in the world of cars, silence speaks the loudest. Charles and Henry would be proud, and so should we be, because the age of electric propulsion fits Rolls-Royce like a glove, or rather, a perfectly tailored suit.

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