75th Year Silverstone Festival – A Celebration of Motorsport Magnificence

This year sees the legendary Silverstone Festival celebrating its 75th birthday, and brace yourselves, it’s going to celebrate in style! From August 25th to 27th, the hallowed tarmac of Silverstone will roar with the echoes of 75 years of motoring majesty, and what a spectacle it’s set to be.

Here’s your ultimate guide to the ten unmissable attractions that will turn this Festival into a petrolhead’s paradise:

1. 75th Festival Anniversary

1. HGPCA Front Engine Grand Prix Cars – 75th Anniversary Trophy

Step into the past as Silverstone pays homage to its roots with an epic showdown. Classic front-engined Grand Prix cars from the debut era in 1948 will thrash it out in a battle of historical titans. Alfa Romeo, ERA, Ferrari, and Maserati, among others, will showcase the elegance and power that ignited Silverstone’s racing heritage.

2. F1 Fan Zone

2. Modern F1 Wonders Shine in the Fan Zone

Experience the present as modern Formula 1 giants Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant, BWT Alpine, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS, and Williams Racing unleash their mechanical beasts for a close-up rendezvous. Dive into the exhilarating world of today’s F1 glory.

And that’s not all – the icing on the automotive cake is the complimentary entry to the revered Silverstone Museum. Prepare to be enthralled by a curated F1 showcase that proudly houses iconic relics of the motorsport pantheon. Among the stars of this exhibition, you’ll find Ayrton Senna’s victorious 1991 McLaren MP4/6, a living testament to his mastery, and the magnificent 1992 FW14B that carried Nigel Mansell to his World Championship glory.

3. Formula 1 On Track Demos

3. Historic Formula 1 Demos and Roaring Revivals

The Festival’s heart beats to the rhythm of Formula 1. Witness the engrossing sight of golden-era F1 cars tearing up the track. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling symphony as a fleet of iconic engines roar back to life, including the BRM Type 15 V16 – a reminder of the sport’s earliest days, and Adam Tyrrell’s homage to his grandfather’s F1 legacy.

4. 24 Hours of Le Manns

4. Paying Tribute to Le Mans Century

Not only is Silverstone toasting its 75th, but it’s also raising a glass to Le Mans’ centenary. Get ready for a dazzling array of GT and sportscars that have conquered the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans. Plus, witness the ground-shaking spectacle of Masters Endurance Legends, showcasing prototypes that have written history on the track.

5. Winged wonders renew old rivalries

5. Cosworth RS500 Showdown and Revived Rivalries

Calling all fans of the roaring Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500s! Prepare for a mesmerising spectacle as these flame-spitting powerhouses ignite the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, joined by a cavalcade of other iconic BTCC legends. BMWs, Capris, and racy Rovers will renew their fierce rivalries in a thrilling display.

6. Packed grids fuel evergreen passions

6. Packed Grids for Evergreen Passion

Let your nostalgia roam free as Silverstone Festival treats you to grid after grid of motoring legends, transporting you back to the golden days. The International Trophy for Classic GT Cars (Pre ’66) will seize your attention with a field teeming with classic Cobras, Elans, E-types, Healeys, and TVRs.

7. Heaven on Earth for Corvette enthusiasts

7. Chevrolet’s Corvette Jubilee

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Chevrolet’s immortal Corvette. The HSCC Thundersports race takes the spotlight with a mesmerizing line-up of seven vintage V8 sportscars. Brace yourself for the thunderous roar and sleek grace of these American legends.

8. Stars in the Cars

8. Famed Drivers Return to the Limelight

Cars aren’t the only stars here; legendary drivers are stepping back into the spotlight. Touring car champions like John Cleland, Matt Neal, Andy Priaulx, and Steve Soper will dazzle the track with their motorsport fervour, racing iconic machines that embody the spirit of speed.

9. Days of Thunder

9. Days of Thunder Redux

Prepare for a transatlantic thunderstorm as Silverstone and the US NASCAR series share a milestone. Celebrating 75 years, NASCAR races onto the British stage with a thunderous parade and a demo that will rattle your senses and satisfy your need for speed. 

10. Ford Escort RS Turbo owned by Princess Diana

10. Iconic Auctions and Priceless Treasures

Last year, a Ford Escort RS Turbo owned by Princess Diana fetched a staggering £650,000. The Iconic Auctioneers’ hammer is back this year, ready to fall on another batch of treasures. Feast your eyes on rally cars from Colin McRae’s stable and original Ford Capris from the TV series “The Professionals.” Auction adrenaline is encouraged!

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