60 years of Lamborghini to be celebrated at Salon Privé

Lamborghini‘s diamond jubilee isn’t ending just yet – the marque is keeping the party going at the esteemed Salon Privé, a gathering sure to make car aficionados’ hearts race faster than a revved-up V12 engine. Prepare for the grandeur as Lamborghini unveils its latest spectacle, the Revuelto, a creation that weds the audacious power of a super sports V12 with the futuristic finesse of a hybrid plug-in.

Dubbed the world’s inaugural super sports V12 hybrid HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle), the Revuelto isn’t shy about its audacious intent. Picture a symphony composed of an all-new, naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 powerhouse harmonising seamlessly with not one, not two, but three electric motors. Plus, don’t forget the star of the show, a double-clutch gearbox ensuring every gear shift is akin to a precision choreography.

With an astounding 1,015 horses galloping under its hood, this automotive marvel embraces all-wheel drive mastery and flexes its muscles with 13 distinct driving modes, including the elusive fully-electric mode. An eco-friendly stance sees CO2 emissions drop by an impressive 30%, granting the Revuelto the rare distinction of being both a performer and a planet-saver.

Lamborghinis Revuelto Birds Eye Front Right

Yet, this isn’t a vehicle merely trading horsepower for a green halo. In the realm of speed, the Revuelto’s resume shines. Its weight-to-power ratio is a bona fide Lamborghini record-breaker, catapulting from zero to hero (62mph) in a mere 2.5 seconds. Hold onto your hats, as this V12 virtuoso propels its way past the 217mph marker, setting a new standard for exhilaration on four wheels.

Lamborghini, alongside the formidable Lamborghini Birmingham, has more than just hybrids in its repertoire. The event promises a captivating showcase of the Huracan and Urus ranges, a perfect duet of performance and practicality.

But the pièce de résistance of the celebrations? The Salon Privé’s Blenheim South Lawn will be graced with over 70 classic V12 Lamborghinis, an automotive orchestra that harks back to the brand’s heritage while heralding its future. I cannot wait to see all these cars. This majestic congregation will be the star-studded main event on Salon Privé Supercar Saturday, making the occasion a symposium for both vintage and modern supercars. And for those who appreciate the mellifluous tones of V8 and V10 Lamborghinis, fear not – the Great Court will have its own thrilling display, a living testament to the brand’s motoring evolution.

V12 Lamborghinis

David Bagley, Salon Privé’s co-founder and director, expresses his excitement, “It is fantastic that Salon Privé is going to be part of the year-long celebrations marking 60 years of Lamborghini. We’ll be showcasing the remarkable Revuelto, one of the show’s most anticipated highlights, alongside the mouthwatering display of more than 70 classic V12 Lamborghinis on Supercar Saturday. It will be a wonderful long weekend to celebrate 60 years of Lamborghini.”

Prepare yourself for an automotive extravaganza that will resonate for years to come:

Bank Holiday weekend lineup:

  • 30/31 August – Salon Privé Concours presented by Aviva
  • 1 September – Salon Privé Ladies’ Day presented by Boodles
  • 2 September – Salon Privé Supercar Saturday & Club Trophy presented by Lockton

Get your tickets to the spectacle at salonpriveconcours.com

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