5 Ways To Turn Your Old Motorhome Into Solid Cash in South Dakota

Do you have an old motorhome that’s being neglected and rusting away or maybe just a decade’s-old rig that runs but you’re looking to upgrade to something more modern? Regardless of your reasons for wanting to turn it into cash, motorhomes of all ages, mileage, and conditions do have value. Sometimes the most difficult part is knowing what’s the best method for selling yours depending on how usable it is.

Here, you’ll find the best ways to sell a junk motorhome for cash in South Dakota. From travel-friendly Sturgis to the capital city of Pierre, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to sell yours. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that even a junk motorhome is easy to sell.

5 Ways To Turn Your Old Motorhome Into Cash in South Dakota

Unfortunately, each mile you put on your motorhome will bring it closer to the day it will have outlived its value. That’s not to say that all older motorhomes are junk and should be unloaded. There are plenty of rigs that, despite the 10-Year Rule still look shiny, new, and without major mechanical issues. Although older rigs and fifth wheels are significantly more difficult to sell than those just a couple of years old, it certainly can be done.

Depending on your preference, different sales methods will apply. Some of these tried and true sales techniques will work for both decent and not-so-decent motorhomes, and you’ll be able to determine which one will work best for you quickly.

Sell It the Old Fashioned Way

Folks who want top dollar for their motorhome and don’t mind waiting for the right buyer can certainly sell it the old-fashioned way by plopping a for-sale sign on it in a high-visibility location. If your rig is in your driveway, this may not be the best sales location. A better option is to relocate it to a large shopping mall or other such location. If it’s not running, a for-sale sign probably won’t do you much good if it’s permanently parked on your property.

A great idea for sales of this type is to move it to a campsite where there are obviously other motorhome enthusiasts. Word-of-mouth can also help to sell your rig by speaking to other campers and campground management staff.

Post It for Sale Online

There are plenty of places online where you can post photos of your motorhome and offer it up for sale. If your personal social media accounts have a decent following, use this platform to post, asking followers to like and share to boost their impressions. Online sales are an easy way to advertise your rig, no matter its condition.

Contact a Scrapyard

Rigs that aren’t running or simply require costly repairs that don’t make any financial sense can be taken to a South Dakota scrap or junkyard. Many of these independent businesses will take it off your hands and pay you for the privilege. What may seem like a worthless and nonfunctioning rig to you looks much different to a scrap or junkyard buyer. They see the value in its metal and in its functioning components. A scrapyard won’t offer you top dollar, but it is a quick and easy way to sell a junk motorhome.

Sell It to a Specialized RV Dealer

If you have a motorhome that’s not worth fixing or one that doesn’t run at all, the best solution is to sell it to a South Dakota dealer who specializes in purchasing junk RVs and fifth wheels. Despite their appearance, age, or mileage, specialized RV dealers will offer you a great price. Many will even come directly to you and tow it away free of charge, leaving you with payment by check or your favorite cash app. They pay significantly better than a junkyard, which may also require you to bring your broken rig to them.

Turn Your Old Motorhome Into Cash: The Bottom Line

Unloading an older RV or motorhome is easier than you may think. There are many different selling methods you can employ, and which one works best for you could be a combination of what you’re comfortable with and what your priorities are. For owners of junk RVs and motorhomes they can sell theirs to a junk RV specialized dealer who will come and haul it away for free while paying you more than you probably thought you’d get.


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