Making the Most of a UK Motorhome Holiday: Hot Tips

People are increasingly choosing to stay at home and take advantage of everything that the United Kingdom has to offer rather than travelling overseas for their holidays, according to recent research. 

The question then becomes, what is the best approach to see this country? Sure, you can reserve a fixed caravan, a hotel, or a bed & breakfast, but it can place restrictions on your options. Renting a motorhome or campervan and exploring the country on your own is one of the most effective methods to truly see the finest of Britain. You could even look at VW campervans for sale so you can use them time and time again.  You have complete freedom to go wherever your heart desires, stay for as long or as little as you like, and park almost anywhere.

In this piece, we will go over some tips that will help you get the most out of your motorhome holiday in the UK.

Choose the right vehicle

In the event that you intend to drive a long distance while eating and sleeping in your vehicle, it is critical that you select the appropriate vehicle, especially if you are travelling with friends or family. When you have a breakdown, the last thing you want to be doing is caged up in something that is too small and entirely unsuitable, or even worse, sitting at the side of the road waiting for the recovery services to arrive and pick you up when you have a breakdown. No, you want something practical and reliable.

What is practical for one traveller will not always be practical for another traveller. It is dependent on the size of your group, what you will need to bring with you to your destination, and how long you intend to stay on the road. It is also necessary to think about how often you plan to take road trips. 

The appeal of road trips both in the UK and across Europe has reached an all-time high in the post-pandemic era. If exploring the great outdoors is now your idea of the perfect adventure, a camper conversion could be the perfect solution. It will turn your vehicle into the ultimate travel companion, which should also encourage you to take more frequent trips. When you consider the savings you’ll make on accommodation and other vacation costs, the upgrade will pay for itself in the long run too.


If your campervan is equipped with a refrigerator, you can store a wide variety of items, subject to available space. You may be fortunate enough to have a burner or even a tiny oven in your van, which makes preparing a meal a lot less complicated. If you are doing things on a more basic level, think about the types of items that you might have when camping in order to plan your activities. Bring a cooler with you that has some pre-prepared and frozen meals that can be heated up over a camping stove once they have been defrosted. Another option is to stock up on beans and noodles, which will take up little space, are simple to prepare even with limited facilities, and will be relatively inexpensive. Consider your needs for the following several days when you pass by large supermarkets or marketplaces and pick them up while you are in the vicinity of these establishments.


You might have a list of places you want to see and plans to take long walks and do a lot of exploring. However, consider what you will do if it is pouring outside and you do not want to be caught in the rain and cold, as well as what you will do in the evenings. If you are staying in a remote location for the night, you may have difficulty connecting to the internet, so do not rely on it for entertainment.

Why not bring over a few board games or brush up on your skills with some traditional card games? Alternatively, you may keep a journal and create a trip blog to share with family and friends once you return home.

Do not forget about the music, either. The last thing you want is to be stuck in traffic for hours on end without being able to listen to your favourite music and sing along.


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