The beautiful 1960 Abarth 2200 Allemano Spider

Here is more detailed information on the beautiful 1960 Abarth 2200 Allemano Spider that I first saw at the 2022 Salon Prive Classic and Supercar event. This car is owner by a fellow member of the Drivers Union supercar club. Here is more information on the car.

This car is Chassis Number 038.112.

Registration No.115 GOT

This unique car was sold in the UK through Anthony Crook Motors and displayed at the 1960 London Motor Show. In the late 50’s Carlo Abarth wanted to challenge Enzo Ferrari in the GT market and so he produced a number of “larger” coupes and spiders with engine size from 1600cc through to 2400cc in order to do so. The cars were Fiat based. In this case Abarth took the Lamprendi designed straight six engine and increased it’s capacity from 2054 cc to 2162cc, raised the compression ratio from 7.8:1 to 9.5:1, added bigger pistons, three twin choke Weber 40 side draught carburetters, a large capacity oil sump and an Abarth exhaust system, so that the engine now produced 135 bhp with a top speed of 120 mph. The body was designed by Michelloti and built by Allemano. The cars were expensive, including tax they were advertised at f4076. More than an Aston Martin DB4 and as a result there were few buyers and only the show cars survive.

The car was first sold to Ralph Goodfellow and then to well known amateur jockey Sir William Piggot Brown. Subsequently it has been owned by Motoring Journalist and race driver Roberto Giordanelli who restored the car in the 1980’s. Since then it has received further restoration by Formula 1 engine tuner Steve Smith before being bought by the current owners at auction in 2007. The car won Best Production Abarth at Auto Italia, Stanford Hall Concours in 2008 and Haynes Rare Breeds Concours in 2009. This car has twice been displayed at Coys invitation only Blenheim Concours and in the International Paddock at Wilton House Classic and Supercar Show. In 2022 it was Highly Commended at The London Concours. It has appeared in numerous classic car magazines.

Carlo Abarth was born in Vienna in 1908. His first love was motorcycles, but after WW2 he became involved in the Cisitalia Grand Prix car project. He started his own company in 1949 tuning engines. For Fiat alone between 1956 and 1971 Abarth tuned cars won more than 7300 overall or class victories. Abarth sold out to Fiat in 1971 and died 8 years later. Fiat have now re-introduced the Abarth name to great success.

The Car Specification

Engine: 2162cc straight six, ohv, three twin choke Weber 40 DCOE carburettors

Power and Torque: 135 bhp at 6000 rpm, 1301b ft at 3800 rpm

Transmission: 4 speed manual all sychromesh, rear wheel drive

Brakes: Discs front and rear

Suspension: Front: torsion bars, wishbones, telescopic dampers

Rear: live axle, semi eliptic leaf and coil springs, telescopic dampers

Steering: Worm and Roller

Weight: 2433Ibs (1090kg)

Performance: Top speed 120 mph

Fuel consumption: 24 mpg


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