Most expensive parts to replace on your car

Cars are amongst the most popular modes of transport across the globe. This is due to their comfort, convenience and privacy whilst you travel from A to B which is why there are more than 276 million licensed vehicles on the US roads as of 2019.  

Occasionally, however, our cars can let us down and breakdown when we least expect it. There are many causes for breakdowns with 69 million occurring in the US every year which can be anything from transmission failure, all the way to flat tires.

Breakdowns can prove costly for drivers as car parts tend to come with a high price tag, but what are the most expensive car parts to replace? Read on to find out more.  

The clutch  

For manual car drivers, you’ll know just how important the clutch is to the functionality of a car which is why it can cost a lot of money for a clutch assembly replacement.  

This can set you back over $1000 depending on the make and model of the car being repaired which is why you’ll want to avoid causing unnecessary wear and tear by ‘riding the clutch’ or changing gears too slowly. 

The catalytic converter 

Fitted to the car’s exhaust to turn the fumes from the car into harmless emissions, catalytic converters are another vital part that can cost a lot to replace. Most garages will charge anywhere from $300 to $1500 which will hit most bank accounts hard. 

These parts sometimes need to be replaced because it’s targeted by criminals too with catalytic converter theft being a common issue for the police. 

The ECU 

The ECU stands for electrical control unit which as you can imagine, is important to any car. This part’s main job is to keep the engine running smoothly at all times and without it, the vehicle will struggle. You can expect this to set you back anything up to and over $1000 depending on the model.  

If your car needs one of these parts replaced then it can be a real worry for your finances. This is especially true with the current cost of living crisis that is impacting everyone’s lives. Whether you decide to put this on your credit card or try to save up beforehand, consider your finances and see what is the most viable option before taking your car to be repaired by a mechanic.


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