DMC DeLorean is back! Meet the 188mph Alpha5

Great Scott, the DeLorean is back. This is not ‘Back to the Future’, this is just the future. Well, if you’re going to resurrect an icon from the silver screen, why not do it with a massive battery and huge speed.  The DMC DeLorean Alpha5 will have two gullwing doors (yes), four seats (nice) and an all electric powertrain.

DMC DeLorean Alpha5

Penned by Italdesign, the storied design house founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who penned the original DMC-12, is responsible for the updated shape, the Alpha5 makes a trio of nods to the original. There’s a wide pair of gullwing doors, louvers over the rear window, and three-layered taillights providing the all-important link to John DeLorean’s Belfast-built original. 

What we know of the powertrain is a quote from CEO Joost de Vries, “We have some partners in the UK on the powertrain side.” That sounds like a Williams Engineering job (yet to be confirmed), but Williams has worked with Italdesign on a modular EV powertrain that debuted last year.

DMC DeLorean Alpha5

What we’ve picked up so far is that in “Base Performance Spec” a battery of more than 110 kWh “multiple electric motors” that are powerful enough to get the car from 0-60mph in 2.99 seconds and a top speed of 188mph. The Alpha5 is also targeting a drag coefficient of 0.24Cd and a comprehensive 300-mile range from a 110kWh battery. Painting a target on the Porsche Taycan in terms of capability and being described as a tool “for people that love to drive,” the Alpha5 is sized within inches of the Porsche in length, width, and height. We’re not sure where how it compares to the Taycan’s 114.2-inch wheelbase, though. 

DMC DeLorean Alpha5

The interior looks like another uncluttered electric affair. We do want to find out, however, if the climate controls really are tucked into the recess under the instrument panel. 

The Alpha5 is the opening note in DeLorean’s electric orchestra. According to Autocar, what comes next is an halo coupe powered by an internal combustion V8, an all-electric sedan, and a hydrogen-powered SUV. We already know the names AlphaIV, Alpha 3, Alpha2 and Alpha are waiting. That hydrogen people hauler is one of two odd bits in the Autocar piece. De Vries told the mag the company “needs to SUV for volume” and that DeLorean isn’t ready to commit its entire portfolio to battery power. And sure, DeLorean’s idea of volume isn’t GM’s idea of volume. But hydrogen power seems an odd choice for any definition of volume.

DMC DeLorean Alpha5

The other strange note is when Autocar writes that the first 88 units of the Alpha 5 “will serve as an avatar for an associated NFT, meaning they won’t be road-registered and suitable only for track use,” and after that will come a production run of road-legal cars. If true, and given the rumored price of somewhere in sight of £100-150,000 (or $150-200,000), a track-only variant seems a strange reward for early adopters.   

We expect to get answers to this soon. No matter what we find out, the Alpha5 remains scheduled for a Monterey Car Week debut on August 18, and production in Italy in 2024 that will commence, of course, with a launch edition that will come in the red hue seen above, with black accents.

What do you this of this car? We think it looks great.

DMC DeLorean Alpha5


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