10 of the Very Best Limited-edition Car Books on Porter Press

Collectable cars and their associated literature and memorabilia continue to provide exhilarating pieces for motoring enthusiasts. We take a look at the best limited edition car books on Porter Press, a leading publisher and advocate of classic car pursuits. Don’t forget, on any of the below books, you can get 10% OFF at checkout with code HEAVEN10.

Alfa Romeo Mona – The autobiography of the celebrated 2211130

This book articulates the incredible journey of the much-vaunted Mona 2211130 model. Constructed in 1933, it was most famously raced by Brian Lewis. The driver who historically delivered a Mannin Moar title in the car by navigating the Isle of Man’s most dangerous track. Its slick dark green leather-bound case, and a complementing deep grey slipcase, adds prestige to an already impeccable product.

9600 HP – The story of the world’s oldest E-type

A bespoke design distinguishes this book, with a small vehicle fragment presented in a box mirroring the key elements of the 9600 HP’s chassis. The text leverages a winding journey through the car’s history, from prototype to press car to post-Jaguar life. There’s also an analysis of the under-publicised input of key construction influencer Malcom Sayer.

Automotive Art Project

Inspired by the impressive fleet of classic cars owned by motoring specialist Claude Nahum. Indeed, the entrepreneur’s ‘N’ collection is something to behold. For the first time, twenty-five of his vehicles are presented in the maverick style of six talented artists. The output is 150 incredible works of art, reflecting the extraordinary engineering craftsmanship of numerous elusive vehicles.

The Michael Turner Collection (Unique Edition)

For over 50 years, in a timeframe spanning 1960-2016, artist Michael Turner produced a raft of motor-inspired paintings. Reflecting on that year’s landmark events, Turner would depict famous events, tracks, and racing personnel. Via the artists own private enterprise, Studio 88, these artworks were transferred into festive greetings cards. This book encloses all card images in one consolidated work and presents an original Turner piece to the purchaser. A complementary easel, incorporated into the book’s shell, caps off an excellent product.

Michael Turner Collection

It offers the same content as the special edition but with slightly more modest presentation elements.


Michael Kliebenstein presents a host of vehicles displayed in less than salubrious surroundings, offering an earthy spotlight on car lifecycles. Painstakingly trawling through scrapyards and garages, Kliebenstein offers a less extravagant perspective on classic vehicles. This serves to show that even the most decorated cars have a post-peak existence, expunged to murky storage in retirement. In a stroke of genius, the book is mounted with the same rusty exterior as the vehicles illustrated inside its pages.

The self-preservation society – 50 years of ‘The Italian Job’

This definitive guide offers new insights and intrigue, published in 2019 to mark the cult movie’s 50th anniversary. In interviewing key acting, production and directing personnel, we look deep into a film that influenced a generation of motoring nuts. The book is packed with never-seen-before articles, including set imagery and production documents.

The Le Mans Model Collection, 1949-2009

This incredibly detailed guide conveys an image of every single vehicle raced at the indomitable French rally track. Over 3,000 cars are therefore presented, accompanied by details on each driver, race result, and manufacturing information. The book is elegantly constructed, bound in fine calfskin, leather, and embossed with silver lettering and edging gilt.

Stirling Moss 90th Birthday set

In four diligently compiled scrapbooks, the career of legend Stirling Moss is astutely captured and celebrated. Often hailed as the ‘greatest driver to never win a World Championship,’ these chapters chart 32 years of racing excellence. There are just 15 sets in circulation and are each signed personally by Moss.

Ultimate E-type – The Competition Cars

In this sweeping tale of one of Jaguar’s most recognizable outputs, we’re walked through the lightweight E-types history. The vehicle’s sublime engineering beauty is aided by its iconic low drag bodywork and potent XK engine. The book is influenced by Peter Neumark, the owner of the elusive Le Mans lightweight Lindner, re-constituted after its crash in 1964. A mere 7,000 hours of labour led to the re-invigoration of a vehicle that competed with the mighty Ferrari in its racing heyday.


This top ten guide to the best limited edition car books on Porter Press includes some of the most sought-after pieces in classic car literature today. However, there is an abundance of hidden gems within Porter Press’s impressive suite of books.


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