Win a pair of tickets to the 2021 Classic Motor Show

The Classic Motor Show is the annual year-end celebration of the classic car world. Everyone who loves classic cars makes sure that they’re there, either visiting or joining the many hundreds in exhibiting. All in all its a great day out for any Classic Car fan.

We are delighted to be able to offer three pairs of tickets to this wonderful event, the Classic Motor Show 2021, that will be held at Birmingham’s NEC on the 12th to 14th November.  To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to the Classic Motor Show, these are your three ways of entering, and you can enter in all three ways should you wish to improve your chances of winning:

Option 1: Leave a comment below and tell us what is your favourite classic car and why.

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Please spread the word to any car mad friends you have, the more people you know that can enter, the more you increase your chances of winning. Closing date for entries will be 10th November 2021. Good luck.


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22 comments on "Win a pair of tickets to the 2021 Classic Motor Show"

  • John musk says:

    Astra vxr
    Beautiful cars

  • John Coventry says:

    I usually answer that question by saying “the one I am driving just now”, but as I am sitting at home tapping my keyboard, I’ll say that my favourite classic car of those I own now, is my E-type, a ’63 3.8 FHC in BRG with Suede Green interior. I first fell in love with the E-type when they were still new cars. I was 8 years old when I first set eyes on a black 3.8 FHC, a sight I remember to this day – it was like no car I had ever seen before. Like Enzo Ferrari, I thought it was the most beautiful car in the world, an opinion I still hold.
    I bought my first E-type when I was 18, when second-hand E-types were two a penny. It was a silver blue OTS, for which I paid £300, and which I sold later for £350 and thought I had done rather well! 10 years or so later I bought my second, a dark blue S1 4.2 OTS, originally the property of DJ Tony Blackburn. I kept that for about 15 years before selling it while the balance of my mind was temporarily disturbed. Since then, there has always been an E-type shaped hole in my life, so 7 years ago I acquire my third, which I have now, and have no intention of ever selling. It is everything a classic should be – beautiful, fast (maybe not by today’s standards, but fast enough for me, given today’s traffic and speed camera filled roads) and exhilarating to drive.
    Of all the classics I have owned in the past, my favourite is undoubtedly my Dino, a metallic blue ’73 246GT, in which I enjoyed four very happy years driving undoubtedly the most wonderful car I have ever owned, and probably the best car Ferrari ever built, including one of my all-time-great road trips, a 2,500 mile journey to Maranello and back for the 50th. anniversary celebration in 2018. Driving my Dino out of the factory where it was built, through those iconic gates on to Via Albetone, was a moment I shall never forget for as log as I live. There are only two Ferraris I have ever wanted that I could afford, and this was one of them (the other was a 550 Maranello, which I owned for 7 happy years). I consider myself to be a very lucky man to have the very special memories of Dino ownership.

  • MR PAUL MAIDEN says:

    Lotus 7
    The best and most influential classic car is the Lotus 7. Not only did it promote Colin Chapman’s “light is best” philosophy but also spawned a plethora of flattering replicas, Caterham, Westfield, GBS, Tiger, Locost to name a few but also the Mazda MX5

  • John musk says:

    Vauxhall Astra vxr
    Amazing car
    Would love a day out nec for both our birthdays in it to win it

  • Bryan Ashmore says:

    Austin healey 3000. Would be my dream classic car. Because I was lucky enough to drive one a couple of years ago and fell in love with it.

  • Trevor Summers says:

    I love the design of the Ghia supersonic 8v. This such a fantastic design, stunning.

  • Laurence Bucknall says:

    My favourite car is the E type Jaguar because of the fantastic shape, it still looks good today

  • Bryan Evans says:

    My 1975 Tuned Datsun Cherry Is my favorite Classic Car as it puts a smile on my face whenever I look at it even before I drive it and when I stop for fuel people ask what it is? then seeing it go makes them smile too. It’s more fun than any Sports car/Classic car I have ever owned or wanted.

  • Steve Wearing says:

    My idea of a true classic car would be the Jaguar e type
    It’s a true British classic no fuss just straight to the point
    A poem in steel not a straight edge in sight.
    In 61 must have surely given the competition such a fright
    Just sensual curves and the power to impress
    How anyone could really settle for less
    The E type the best !

  • Philip Crowfoot says:

    Mercedes 380 SLC

  • M. Ottaway says:

    Fav classic car, Mk1 Golf GTi

  • Neville Johnson says:

    My favourite classic car of all time is BMW E10, 2002tii in Tiaga Green. I first saw one as a 14 year old when my late father acquired it. I had never seen such a picture of beauty. I now strive to own that exact same car one day in memory of my dad.

  • Lucy Johnson says:

    E type Jaguar ( in Ferrari red!!!)

  • M. Ottaway says:

    I would love a pair of tickets please.

  • Vaughan Dee says:

    My favourite Classic Car would be the Triumph Stag as it is the car my dad purchased a few years ago and we used to have some amazing days out and drives in it – we went to the car clubs and meets and shows in it and it was an amazing car for its time.

  • Janice Whiting says:

    My favourite classic car is the Triumph Stag. I saw one when I was about 18 and fell in love and vowed that one day I would have one. I was 67 a few days ago and it’s still on my bucket list so I guess I’ll just have to content myself with ogling them at shows like this … along with all the other beauties of course!

  • Finley Chambers says:

    My favourite classic car has gotta be the Jaguar XJ220 because of how cool it is. I have a model of it and would love to see a real one someday!

  • Trevor Blunt says:

    The Jensen Interceptor is my favourite classic, simply because I worked at Jensen and it reminds me amongst other things of visiting the Classic Motor Show in the past with old work colleagues who can no longer attend.

  • Alan Hall says:

    Classic cars were made of much better quility and standard, they were built to last, I never tire of going to a classic car show

  • Chris Harbott says:

    Morris Marina- reliable.

  • Pam Broom says:

    Mini.. I had a 1976, always been my fav car.
    850cc , small , sticks to the road, you just smiled when driving it.. simple to fix, iconic, the shape… Just everything about it

  • JOANNA TERRY says:

    Has to be the Classic Mini, had mine for 19 years and love every minute of driving of him!! Would love to go to the show!

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