Why You Should Get Your Teenager Driving ASAP

As parents, you want to do all that you can to make sure that you raise children to be happy and independent adults. A part of that is ensuring that when you send your children out into the world, they are equipped with all of the skills they need to make their mark. One of the things that you can do as a parent is make sure that you get your children into driving lessons the moment they hit the appropriate age. 

Driving is something that every teenager should learn to do before they head off to university. If it’s possible for you to pay for your teenager to drive, then the best thing to do is contact Ignition driving school today and make sure that you get those lessons booked. It might be slightly terrifying to get your teenager behind the wheel of a car when it feels like not five minutes ago you were teaching them to walk and talk. However, if you don’t capitalize on getting them to drive now, they may not have an accelerated start in the world – and you could control this! There are plenty of reasons to consider getting your teenager driving lessons, and we’ve got a few great reasons to go for it right now!

  1. You are giving them a gift. It’s hard to allow teenagers some freedom, but this is a gift that they will always thank you for. It’s much easier to navigate learning to drive when they’re teenagers versus when they’re adults, and if you are in the position to pay for their driving, then you are going to give them that freedom they so desperately need. 
  2. You can still maintain some control. When you allow your teenagers to drive, you’re going to be able to maintain a little control over their learning. The supervision that you give your teenagers is going to help you to set limits, manage curfews and even ensure that they don’t go out in the car with their friends. As a parent, you can be their initial supervisor when they are learning to drive. You can always pay for a driving school to give them lessons leading up to their test, and when you do this, your teenager gets the best of both worlds. You can supervise their driving and their learning until they are ready to hit the road on their own.
  3. You can have another “first”. We lose a lot of firsts as our children grow up, but buying your teenager their first car is one of those firsts that you don’t want to miss out on. You can take them car shopping and help them to learn what they need to know to buy a car, how to haggle and more. These are all lessons that you can teach your teenager that matters, and even though they’ll probably ask you to come with them every time they buy a car, you’ll still get that first experience. 
  4. They’re going to gain a lot of independence. Yes, it’s scary but giving your teenager independence is something you need to do as soon as possible. Teenagers should not have to depend on others for a ride; they should be able to take themselves everywhere they need to go. It’s a good idea to teach them how to be responsible with their newfound independence, including how they are going to turn down giving their friends rides without a responsible adult in the car. You are going to provide them the chance to be as independent as possible. It’s a gift! 
  5. You get a break! Are you sick of being asked to taxi your teens everywhere? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Driving your teenagers everywhere they want to go is a pain, especially if you’re busy yourself. Of course, you do it anyway! However, when you pay for driving lessons and a car, you can ensure that you get a break and your teenager can take themselves where they need to be. They get the chance to have more responsibility for themselves, and this is a good idea. 
  6. It’s a way to encourage them to do well with school and their chores, too. If they keep their grades up, they keep their car on your dime. When they lose their independence they learn to adhere to rules, and it’s a huge responsibility that you’re handing over to your teenager. Let them know this and ensure they understand the costs of not driving safely.


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