How Can I Decrease My Carbon Footprint?

Sustainable living operations have become more and more prevalent in society. While, once, people would have gone about their lives not really considering the impact on the environment, now charities and organizations are highlighting the damage that can be caused by our throwaway culture, as well as the different means of power and transport that we have. When it comes to driving and being a vehicle owner, you might want to consider some different ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and do some good in the world.

Switch to Electric

When you want to change your vehicle for a newer model, or can no longer be dealing with the need to make constant repairs, you might want to consider a car that doesn’t use fossil fuels to run, or at least uses them minimally. You may have noticed that you are seeing more electric cars on the roads, and even recharging points at service stations and larger car parks. Consulting a set of electric cars pros and cons could help you to figure out if an all-electric or hybrid vehicle is right for your needs and budget. One of the main benefits, of course, can be that it will use electricity for power. While the initial cost of one of these vehicles may be higher, you might find that you save money in the long run, as the cost of recharging can be lower than the price you currently pay for gas.

Consider Your Journey

Driving to and from the office can save you some time on the journey itself but, when you factor in traffic delays, you may find it is not actually as beneficial as you first thought. Even longer journeys could be completed more efficiently by taking the bus or train. Public transport can help to lower your carbon footprint as there is only one vehicle in operation for a multitude of people. Carpooling for work commutes can also be another idea, especially if you live near other employees. For short distances, you may want to consider if it is possible to walk or cycle, depending on your needs or what you have to take with you. These can also take less time than you’d think, as a kilometre could feasibly be covered in as little as 10 minutes on foot.

Be Gentle

Harsh braking and acceleration can increase your fuel consumption, releasing more greenhouse gas emissions into the air. By being careful with the way that you speed up and slow down, not only can you reduce your emissions, but you may also do your brakes and engine the world of good by putting a bit less pressure on them. Wear and tear on the brakes and tyres can also increase emissions, so you may want to get these checked regularly.

While driving can be a means of earning money and getting from place to place, it can do significant damage to the world around you. Considering the ways that you can reduce your emissions could help the planet.


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