Gifts For Car Lovers This Christmas

It is getting ever closer to the big festive day and thoughts and attention is starting to turn to presents and getting prepared for that one day a year. The good news is if you are buying for someone who has a passion for cars then presents can be relatively easy to come by. While you may not be able to buy them the car of their dreams there are a lot of automotive-related gifts that are likely to bring a smile to their face. Here is a selection of some of the best gifts for car lovers this Christmas.


Dashcams have become extremely popular in the last few years as they have had a transformative effect in rectifying insurance claims following accidents. They can help resolve liability disputes and ensure victims receive the compensation they are entitled to. They also come with a built-in GPS tracker so are ideal if you break down as you can be easily located. Dashcams are becoming more and more sophisticated and the newer high-end models can be voice-activated and paired with Alexa. If you are buying for someone who spends a lot of time on the road then a dashcam is the ideal present for them. 

Personalised number plate 

Personalised number plates can make great gifts for many reasons, not to mention they are an incredibly easy to present to source. You can make car number plates online in just a few clicks. They can be used to make a car unique to its owner, hide the age of a car and can be a present that stands the test of time. Personalised plates can be transferred from car to car or kept on retention when not in use. Another added bonus of a personalised plate is that they commonly increase in value over time, so much so that they are often considered a source of investment. If nothing else, the recipient is unlikely to forget their number plate again.

Driving experience 

Many car lovers dream of driving certain vehicles or driving in a way that the national speed limits and busy British roads don’t allow for. If you know someone who is desperate to drive a supercar or race around Silverstone then buying a driving experience can be the perfect gift. Driving experiences can come in many forms from offroading a Landrover to sampling classic cars. There is something for everyone and it will be a gift they will never forget. 

Car care kit

Professional car care kits are a present you know any car enthusiast will love. If their motor is their pride and joy then they will revel in a kit that allows them to spend time shining their beloved vehicle. Car care kits come in a variety of prices and include a range of products from shampoos, shammies, detailing brushes and even satin tyre dressings. Although a labour of love for some they can leave a car looking freshly valeted giving any owner that unrivalled sense of satisfaction and pride. 


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