Living In Your Truck, Is It Worth It?

One of my favourite international travel vloggers recently moved into her truck full time. That’s right! With a few modifications and upgrades, she has turned her Land Rover Defender into a home on wheels that she will be living in full time and travelling in. It is a fascinating concept for me and it made me curious about how practical and sustainable that could be.

It is become more common these days to find young singles, couples and even families taking to the road and travelling full time. Many families opt for RVs, motorhomes, large fifth wheels and other massive rigs. But for someone who doesn’t have a huge budget to blow, a massive rig might not be an option. Smaller options like trucks and vans can still keep you on the road.

I personally am a huge fan of Ford Vans and I really want to convert one into a camper. So I did some research and discovered that living in a truck camper can be a worthwhile undertaking. You can relish in the minimalist, efficient lifestyle it offers and have your home with you — no matter where you go. Read on to discover why truck camper living could be a good idea for you.

Can I live in a Truck Camper?

As long as you have a vision, and a plan to live an extreme minimalistic lifestyle, living in a truck is definitely possible. If you crave the idea of freedom and want every day to be an adventure it is an option worth considering. Larger RVs and motorhomes have far more amenities compared to a truck camper, but there are modifications that can be made to your truck to make it habitable. Truck camper living is best suited to people who are planning to hit the road solo, as a truck camper is a great way to get out there and meet new fun people. When you’re traveling alone or with a significant other, you don’t need a large, bulky setup.

Truck Campers Offer more Manoeuvrability

I sometimes think of people who live in large RV’s and motorhomes, and wonder what they would do in tighter spaces. A truck, being smaller than a motorhome, can fit easily in most camping and parking spots allowing you to stay overnight at rest stops or spots that allows overnight parking.

Go Off Road Any Time

Another great thing of full-timing in a truck is that you can go on epic adventures any time you want. Truck campers can easily navigate tough terrain and access places other campers cannot even think of going. 4×4 RVs cost a ton of money, but a 4×4 truck is more economical and convenient.

It is not Just for Off Road Trucks are a far more versatile live in camper option than bulky motorhomes and RVs. While you definitely have the capability to be boon-docking in remote locations all the time, a truck is more at home at other, less rural settings. Truck campers allow you access to campsites as well and give you the best of both worlds. You can detach the camper from the truck if you want to, or leave it on, that is a matter of preference. Some camper builds are even foldable and remain compact on the roof. If you have a truck camper, you always have your home with you.

Truck camper living is versatile and simple and an adventure waiting to happen.


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