Driving Etiquette to Keep in Mind as a New Driver

A person’s safety behind the wheel depends on their driving behaviors and techniques. It is important to remain alert, focus on the road, follow traffic laws, and be prepared for any situation.

Unfortunately, many drivers (especially newbies) often fail to keep essential driving etiquette in mind, leading to catastrophic consequences. 

This is why we have compiled three extremely useful tips to help you keep yourself and others safe on the road. 

Take a look. 

Don’t Take Traffic Laws Lightly

Although this is common knowledge, yet one of the most ignored tips. It is crucial to make informed and secure choices when driving. This is not just for your safety but also for the other drivers on the road. 

By obeying traffic laws, you reduce your chance of being involved in an accident. Respecting the road rules includes  following the speed limit, knowing turning signals, and stopping for traffic signals.

Think of the consequences if you violate the law. For instance, you could be ticketed. This could result in multiple trips to the court and huge fines. 

Tips to Avoid Speeding:

  • Make sure you have plenty of time: One of the main reasons why  people speed is that they are late to work, an event, or an appointment. To avoid rushing to reach on time, start early. Give yourself enough time to make it to your destination.
  • Utilize cruise control: When you travel on highways, it may be convenient to speed, particularly when there aren’t many vehicles in the vicinity. However, you can ensure safe driving by having cruise control in your car. 

Don’t Test Your Speeding Skills in Traffic

Traffic jams are a regular part of the daily routine of anyone who has to commute to work in large cities. Even if you live on the outskirts, you may still encounter traffic at various intersections. 

Especially during peak hours, traffic can be an absolute nightmare. Typically, the cars are lined up from bumper to bumper. And such congestion can create anxiety in drivers.

With overcrowded roads, the chances of mishaps increase manifold. If you are forced to stand in traffic for a long time, you may make rash decisions and cause accidents. In such a case, you should stay alert of your surroundings.

Tips to Drive Safely in the Traffic

  • Avoid driving aggressively: Avoid weaving between the lanes or making abrupt turns. Moreover, be prepared for reckless drivers to do so. Being cautious of such drivers around you can help avert accidents.
  • Pay attention: Be vigilant to the traffic ahead of you. If you notice brake lights, slow down. Put your foot off the pedal. Looking ahead can prevent you from braking abruptly.

Are You Fit to Drive?

Driver fatigue is one of the main reasons for serious accidents and fender benders. A large proportion of drivers admitted to driving when they were tired. Some have even fallen asleep behind the wheel.

It’s shocking, but true.

People most likely to drive when tired include those working night shifts, teenagers, newbies, and children. But, tiredness can affect any driver. So, it is essential to assess whether you can drive or not.

If you have even the slightest of doubts, consider abandoning your driving plans. Better safe than sorry. 

What can you do To Prevent Drunk Driving?

  • Be aware of the warning signs: Always watch out for the road signs and do not ignore them. It is crucial to keep yourself, and other drivers secure on the road. Also, watch out for these warning signs, heavy eyes, trouble remembering the last few miles you drove, yawning, lane drifting, and difficulty in staying focused.
  • Get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation is the primary reason for fatigued driving. It is recommended that you have seven to nine hours of sleep every night. If you have a hard time sleeping at night, turn off your electronic devices, read a book, or try meditation.

Final Word

The traffic police also have speed cameras to catch violators. So, never cross the speeding limit! Paying attention and following the tips mentioned above will ensure your safety.


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