Top 10 New Car Debuts at the Goodwood FOS 2021

As you probably know, the car events schedule was pretty empty for the last year and a half while the world was coping with the global pandemic. This means that all major auto shows were cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Even though the public is still very cautious, car events are coming back. One of the first major events held in 2021 is the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed. As always, FOS was a fantastic celebration of automotive culture and the perfect place for manufacturers to present exciting new models. This year, due to well-known circumstances, the number of premieres was pretty significant, and we have seen a number of very relevant models being introduced. Today, we will showcase the ten most important new car debuts from this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Kimera Evo 37

Do you remember the legendary Lancia 037? The successful rally monster from the early ’80s with seductive lines, aggressive stance, and fire breathing engine. Well, it is back, and it is amazingly well-remastered form and goes by the name Kimera Evo 37. This is a proper restomod with 505 hp from, historically very correct but re-engineered 2.1-litre engine, completed with modern technology, redesigned body, and impressive performance. Only 37 will be built with the prices starting from 480,000 euros.

Kimera evo 37

Toyota GR86

Even though we are used to seeing insanely expensive hypercars being shown at Goodwood, this tiny and affordable Toyota drew much attention from the visitors. It is the second generation GR86, one of the best everyday sports cars you can get. The 2022 model is improved in just about every way with the bigger 2.4-litre engine, 228 hp, redesigned interior, suspension, and sheet metal. The new GR86 addresses all criticism directed at the old model and promises that this new version will be a proper driver’s car.

Toyota GR86

Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

So far, the “GT” model designation was reserved only for Porsches with two doors and engines behind the driver. However, modern times and the desire to stay on top of its class forced this company to make a rather special Cayenne Turbo called GT. If you think this is a marketing gimmick, think again since this Porsche managed to break the Nürburgring lap record and outrun many bona fide sports cars. With 631 hp on tap, revised suspension, brakes, and steering, this is the first SUV sports car with 0 to 60 mph time of just 3.1 seconds.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

Maserati MC20

This is an essential car for a legendary Italian company which is arriving in a delicate moment. The MC20’s job is to introduce the Maserati brand to a new generation of buyers, especially those who are looking for supercar thrills but in a slightly smaller and more practical package. This is why the MC20 has a new “Nettuno” 3.0-litre V6 engine equipped with twin turbochargers producing 630 hp. Finally, Ferrari has a proper in-house competitor with similar technology but a little bit lower price.

maserati mc20 at goodwood fos 2021

McLaren Artura

FOS visitors had a chance to see a brand new McLaren sports car called Artura. Visually similar to other McLaren models, Artura is a bit different since it features a hybrid powertrain, which consists of a 3.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V6 engine paired with a 70 kW electric motor and battery pack. With 671 hp of combined output and 0 to 60 mph of fewer than 3 seconds, Artura is a proper McLaren without any doubt.

Mclaren Artura

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

The 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed was a very appropriate place for the European premiere of the G70 Shooting Brake. Even though the SUVs almost killed stylish wagons, this car successfully reminds us why the elegant wagons will always be popular with automotive connoisseurs. With the surprisingly well-executed design, proper motorisation, and luxury details, this Korean luxury brand attracted much attention from visitors.

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

Lotus Emira

One of the critical premieres of this year’s FOS was the Lotus Emira. This immensely important and exciting sports car perfectly combines new Lotus styling directions with the high-performance drive train and construction philosophy of legendary Collin Chapman. This is also the last ICE car Lotus will ever produce, and it will be delivered with a 2.0-litre AMG engine or 3.5-litre Toyota V6 and with the choice of manual or automatic transmission. The Emira aims at Porsche Cayman buyers, and judging by the interest from visitors, the Germans finally have a serious competitor.

Lotus Emira

Polestar Precept

The Volvo’s electric spin-off is well-known to Festival of Speed visitors since earlier models were presented there. However, in 2021, Polestar decided to showcase the Precept concept, which is their take on tomorrow’s sporty and elegant luxury sedan. Even though it is still not a production vehicle, Precept is fully functional and gorgeous as all Polestar cars are.

polestar precept

Land Rover Defender V8

In a world where car engines are downsized, electric motors replace ICE units, and big displacement is considered vulgar, Land Rover just presented a V8 version of their gorgeous Defender. And it is fantastic. First, because it is so politically incorrect, and second, because it has a luscious Jaguar’s supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine producing 510 hp and one of the best soundtracks on the planet. The Defender V8 is also pretty quick, with 0 to 60 mph time in less than 5 seconds.

land rover defender v8

BMW 2-Series

Last but definitely not least, BMW’s controversial recent moves have shaken the industry, but its Goodwood appearance shows us that the famous Bavarian company still knows how to make beautiful and exciting driver’s cars. The brand new 2-Series have been presented, and it features a coupe body, rear or all-wheel-drive layout, and powerful four and six-cylinder engines. Classic BMW recipe for exciting driving dynamics. Fortunately, the new 2-Series will not have problematic M3 and M4 front-end styling.

What was your favourite car debut at the Goodwood FOS 2021? Let us know in the comments.


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