A Car Enthusiast’s Guide to Trucks

You may be a car enthusiast, but sometimes you may need to hop in and drive a truck every now and again, or you may just be fascinated with larger vehicles. If you like big and powerful cars, you can have all the power you need in a truck. You may only encounter trucks in a working environment, but their capacity, capability and range of features may just turn you into a truck fan too. The unrivalled view of the road and whole new perspective to driving could find a car enthusiast loving the size and power that a car just doesn’t have, and as an oversized vehicle you indeed hold your place on the road. Here, we take a look at some fun and some practical trucks to whet your appetite for work or family use.

Pick Ups Trucks also include pick-ups, so even if you aren’t a builder, tradesman or farmer, they certainly now have their use for everyday tasks or towing your holiday caravan with ease. You can fit a family and all the equipment that goes along with it in the impressive choice of double-cab trucks available. With the range of tax benefits available with a pick-up truck as a company vehicle, they can be disproportionately cheap to own in comparison to SUVs and 4x4s.

They have a low fixed rate benefit-in-kind tax status, making a savvy tax choice for those previously choosing executive cars. High-end technology and luxury options now available, they are equally full of comfort and status, whilst giving you a workhorse and off-road fun you will never get with a car. So as a car enthusiast, you might find a pick-up truck becomes the way to go. As a great rugged and dependable workhorse for even the most adventurous family, they are replacing SUV’s and 4×4 effectively. They are becoming a more prominent presence in supermarkets and towing caravans as families wise up to the benefits of space and options the crew cab versions offer in particular.

If you are looking at buying a truck, you should consider a truck pre purchase inspection. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are going to be making a good investment and not just buying someone else’s problem. Especially with commercial trucks, they cost a fortune so you don’t want to be spending your life savings on a new one just for it to break down in 6 months. Getting a pre-purchase inspection on your truck is a great idea.

Commercial Trucks

You are most likely to come across heavy-duty trucks in a working environment on construction sites, and in waste management and goods movement, so it’s entirely possible to be a truck enthusiast during the day and save your car for the weekends. Many truck drivers become as precious and protective of their truck as any car enthusiast and personalise it in just the same way. The level of skill and awareness to get to grips with all that truck driving entails challenges the most competent driver and teaches an awareness for other road users that many car drivers should learn.

Commercial vehicles such as tippers, refuse vehicles, skip loaders, tractor-trailers and tankers may not hold the same appeal to many car enthusiasts, but imagine hauling a mobile home on a magnificent heavy hauler or the power moving 32 tonnes of waste around a construction site. It’s a pretty powerful feeling.

Mod Cons

Trucks are catching up with all the mod cons that a car enthusiast loves too. Whether it’s the latest in intelligent cruise control, air disc brakes, electronic stability control on top of luxury cab comfort, air conditioning, satellite navigation and entertainment systems, refrigerators and beds make them a home from home if you are on the road for a while. Truck technology can also exceed that of your car with lane departure warnings, automatic braking and stop sign detecting GPS.

Whether you’ve always loved the idea of driving a big rig, or your interest in trucks is just beginning, there is much to recommend these huge vehicles. It’s therefore no wonder there are many car enthusiasts who can respect the power of the less-than-humble truck.


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