Top 5 Signs You Should Steer Clear of SUVs and Make Your Next Car a Truck

Sure, coupes and convertibles are super fun to drive, and sedans are usually a reliable, safe, and cost-efficient choice, but what if you need something just a little more rugged and spacious?  SUVs seem to rule the roadways these days — and with good reason.  They’ve got plenty of room for passengers, pets, and whatever you need to transport from Point A to Point B, whether that’s groceries, sports equipment, antiques and tchotchkes you pick up on the cheap and sell on eBay or any other tools of your trade.

However, have you considered a pickup truck? It might not be the most intuitive choice of vehicle, at least if you don’t have a background or lifestyle that’s steeped in hard-working’, down-home truck culture. But they’re more versatile than you might think. Read on to learn the 5 signs that a pickup truck might be right for you.

 1.  You Need to Haul a Lot of Stuff

This is a no-brainer, but since it’s such a huge advantage, we’re leading off with the number-one reason to buy a truck. It lets you transport all kinds of items: furniture, lumber, tools, camping supplies, a lawnmower or snowblower, a crate full of baby chicks, plants and saplings, a new BBQ grill, kegs of beer, and of course all those chips and cookies and crackers your wife buys in bulk at Costco.

Yes, buying a pickup truck means that you’ve just nominated yourself as the go-to guy when it comes to helping a friend move house or picking up that washer-dryer combo your MIL just bought on Craigslist. But think of all the pizza and beer you’ll score! And chances are that your truck will be so much fun to drive that you’ll jump at any opportunity that lets you put it to good use.


2.  You Have a Nuclear Family

Time was, pickup trucks didn’t make a very good family car. That’s all changed now. Four-door trucks with plenty of passenger room are incredibly popular, and truck manufacturers are responding to their popularity by bringing out more models that can accommodate people as well as stuff. What’s more, they are comfortable, safe, and jam-packed with bells and whistles that will rival the features of any SUV or sedan.

If you opt for a truck with ample cab space and a backseat, you are going to sacrifice length when it comes to the truck bed. Even so, a four-door pickup truck is still going to beat out an SUV in terms of flexibility and hauling capacity in addition to being roomy enough for Mom, Dad, 2.5 kids, and the family dog.


3.  You Have Long Legs

Do you regularly shop at the Big and Tall store? Do people often ask “What’s the weather like up there?” or think they’ve got a rapier wit if they call you Shorty? Anyone who is tall or who just has long legs will appreciate the roominess of a truck. It can be difficult and uncomfortable to fold yourself up into a two-door hatchback or a sports car, but in a truck, you can literally stretch out.

That, in addition to the aforementioned features, makes for a comfy ride even on the longest or road trips.


4.  You Are an Avid Sportsman

If you mark time based on what game is in season, or if your idea of a perfect afternoon is spending time on the water with your trusty rod and reel, you — well, not to put too fine a point on it, but you literally need a pickup truck. After all, it’s not like you can throw that 12-point buck or string of trout in the backseat of your SUV. Sure, you could technically put them in the cargo area behind the seats, but most folks — or at least their wives — would draw the line at having dead creatures inside the vehicle at all.

Of course, you don’t have to be a hunter to appreciate the convenience of a truck bed. Anyone whose dogs gravitates towards mud puddles like a bee to honey will be grateful for a way to save their vehicle’s interior from those grubby paws and dirty fur.


5.  You Live in a Cold and Snowy Climate

People who live in climates that regularly experience heavy snowfall would do well to get a pickup truck — and a plow. That is especially true for folks who live off the beaten path in areas where municipalities might be slow to send plows or those who have a long driveway.

Having a truck and plow allows you to develop a nice little side hustle if you charge for your services — or to rack up plenty of karma points by pitching in to dig out neighbors, family members, and friends’ driveways on a pro bono basis.

Check out some used Ford F150s for sale, or look at some of the less well-known trucks that might suit your needs better. Either way, you’ve now got options for attaching a plow to the front and a hitch to the back.


Eager to Take a Look at Trucks?

By now, you’re probably getting pretty excited to start checking out pickup trucks and choosing one that’s a perfect fit for you and your family. While there are certainly many factors to take into consideration, we hope this article has opened your eyes to the possibilities presented by pickup trucks!

Do you already drive a truck? What features are most important to you when shopping for a new vehicle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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