Keeping It Just as New: Protect Your Truck from Scratches in 8 Easy Steps

Keeping your truck’s exterior in excellent shape is more than just caring for its aesthetics. If you manage to get it scratched, rust may start forming, which could lead to other issues down the road. Granted, all of them are repairable, but it’s much better (and cheaper) to avoid having it come to this in the first place. To ensure you steer clear of dings and scratches, here’s what you should do:

  1. Avoid poorly maintained car washes

Unless they’re in tip-top condition, a car wash can actually damage your truck. There have been known cases of sand or dirt particles getting caught between the brushes and scratching the truck’s outer layer, thus causing damage in the process.

  1. Clean off the bird droppings as soon as you notice them

The longer you let them sit there, the more time they have to corrode the exterior. Leave them unattended for long enough, and the damage can become irreversible.

  1. Use a bed liner

Do you often load and unload heavy objects from the truck? If so, consider applying a spray-on or roll-on bed liner, which is basically a protective layer of paint. By sticking to well-known brands such as Durabak Bed Liner, you’ll ensure that the outer layer of your truck will keep on looking nice and dandy for years on end.

  1. Stick to cleaning agents with a low pH value

The pH value of the cleaning agents used for cleaning your truck is an important thing to consider if you’re going to be cleaning your truck yourself. Make sure to use a soft cloth as well. When taking a break, don’t place it on the floor, lest you risk pieces of dirt getting attached to it which could, in turn, end up scratching your vehicle’s exterior.

  1. Polish regularly

Polishing your truck regularly accomplishes a very important thing; it gets rid of scratches (provided they’re not too deep). Moreover, regular polishing will protect the outer shell from aggressive environmental factors and the weather. If you’re unsure how to go about polishing your car, you could always ask one of the friendly dent and scratch specialists at DingGo for their expert guidance.

  1. Don’t park outside

If it can be avoided, parking your truck outside is not recommended. Excessive heat and cold can do a number on your truck’s outer layer, so try to park it in a garage if there’s one available.

  1. Avoid parking under trees

As harmless as it may seem, there’s a whole lot of stuff that can drop from trees (such as nuts), land on your vehicle, and damage it. Although parking your truck under one will protect it from the sun if the garage is not available, take a look at what kind of tree it is and consider the risks involved.

  1. Keep your eyes on the road

Although this may look like general advice, you’d be surprised how easy it is to become distracted on the road, albeit for a brief moment. So make sure there’s a wide enough gap between your truck and the vehicle in the front to avoid bumping into it.


Given you’ve taken these guidelines to heart, keeping your truck protected from scratches should be much easier. Although following these to the very last line is probably not needed, keep in mind that the more you do, the less likely you are to run into trouble. It really is that simple.


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